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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Surf's up in Kata
Phuket, Thailand

Billy & Akaisha Kaderli

Itís not our first time.

We have been to Kata Beach at the southern tip of Phuket Island numerous times, but each visit was only 5, 7, or 10 days long. This time we stayed a month. Thirty full days of body surfing, lounging on the beach and eating fresh seafood.


Billy and Akaisha with plates full of fresh mussels, Kata Beach, Thailand

Plates full of fresh mussels!

We've seen the beach and the sea before. Two decades of living in California, we worked long hours and often did not have the time to visit the yacht harbor or neighboring coves. Besides the water in Central California was far too cold for us to enjoy swimming there. In fact,Santa Cruz is known for its Cold Water Classic Surf Challenges that are held there yearly.

So being able to enjoy a month at a warm water location in the height of the wave season was priceless. As you check out the following photos, we're sure you'll agree.

Word spreads quickly through the surfers' leash lines that the waves are breaking at Kata. Boarders come from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, the USA, and of course Thailand, to be challenged by the big waves. During rainy season when a storm is off the coast in the Andaman Sea the swells start building which create the perfect waves they all crave.

Surfers at Kata Beach, Thailand getting ready to surf

Board Bunnies with their Honeys get their leashes strapped on and are ready to go

Smiling ear to ear, these surfers are excited to get out in the water.





Surfer on waves at Kata Beach, Thailand

These are small waves but fun nonetheless

Wave after wave rolls in and the pounding of the surf is an emphatic reminder to go with the power, not fight against it.

older surfer at Kata Beach, Thailand

Never too old to surf!

All ages are mesmerized by the stunning weather and warm water.

Boogie boarders at Kata Beach, Thailand

Boogie Boarders join in as well

Not everyone surfs. Boogie Boarders have the time of their live riding waves too.

Beach walkers stop to smile for the camera, Kata Beach, Thailand

Everyone is a ham!

The weather, waves and water generate smiles and animation from everyone!

It's so fun to watch people having fun!

Surfer at Kata Beach, Thailand

Some are concentrated and focused

Bodies become lean and muscled with the exercise in the water.

Several surfers at once on the same wave, Kata Beach,  Thailand

Plenty of room to share

There seems to be plenty of room for several surfers at once, riding the same wave. Perfect weather.

A newbie learning how to surf, Kata Beach, Thailand

The good lesson of practicing balance so it becomes second nature

This young woman is getting the hang of it easily, learning her balance while in movement.

Billy boogie boarding at Kata Beach, Thailand

Billy in his element!

Both body surfing and boogie boarding, it's hard for Billy not to jump in on the fun!

Swimmer, diver, snorkler, water skier, sailor, Billy loves the water!

Buddy surfing, Kata Beach, Thailand

Buddy Boarding!

It's great to  have a friend teach you the ropes. What fun.





Surf Shop at Kata Beach, Thailand

Surf Shop beauties renting out the boards

You can rent boards of different sizes and shapes here at this Surf Shop. Instructors are available also.

Never too young to learn how to surf. Kata Beach, Thailand

A young surfer in his Billabong shorts

Baby Boarders get a jump on the skill early in life.

Surfing clear waters at Kata Beach, Thailand

Sea and sun make for aquamarine fun!

The beautiful waters aren't too crowded and it makes for an easy afternoon of water sport.

Akaisha boogie boarding at Kata Beach, Thailand

In after an excellent wave, Akaisha has the time of her life!

This was my first time boogie boarding. Billy has taught me many things, including snow skiing, and I'm more of a land-lover myself... But he promised I'd love to boogie board -- AND I DID.

This was such a GREAT time!

Female surfer with a floral patterned board, Kata Beach, Thailand

We'd never seen a designer floral board before...

This lady has style when she surfs. A pink floral board just her size!


Young men resting between waves at Kata Beach, Thailand

Resting in between sets

These guys are just resting in between sets, getting some color.

The rainy season brings in all the surfers from around the area. These guys are probably from Australia.

Beach babe and her board, Kata Beach, Thailand

Beach Babe with her board

This lovely is strapped up and ready to put on a sun hat.

Surfer at Kata Beach, Thailand

After a few good runs

After hours and hours in the sun, it's time to take a break in the shade.

Young girls surfing at Kata Beach, Thailand

Beach gear and babes. Sun and sea. A little slice of heaven.

What could possibly be missing here?

Young surfer at Kata Beach

Friendly surfer hello

Day after day we watched people come from all over the Pacific Rim to surf here at this friendly beach. Even if a squall came in, surfers were happy because the waves were up.

It was an exciting, fun-loving time.





surfer on a wave at Kata Beach, Thailand

A little Hawaii-50 music in the background is all that is missing...

Can't you just hear that music? It puts you in the mood, eh?

Surfing couple on the beach getting their boards ready. Kata Beach, Thailand

Couples that surf together have lots to share

These guys are taking a surfing vacation together. What memories to have forever, and what a great hobby to share together!

Surfer taking a rest on the beach, Kata Beach, Thailand

Taking a rest and can't wait to get back out there again!

It's late afternoon and still this girl wants more! No one wants to stop surfing, it's just too enjoyable!

Female surfer poses with her board, Kata Beach, Thailand

Perfect pose for our Surfer Calendar

This girl has been photographed before. We caught her as she was walking past, and asked to take her photo. SURE!

She stopped, dug her board into the sand and then posed.



Male and female surfers getting ready to go into the sea, Kata Beach, Thailand

Boy in blue

Lots of couples take surfing holidays during this time. Notice the storms building up behind them. No worries, though, because these create the waves of the season!

Young surfer at sunset, Kata Beach, Thailand

A day well done, and more waves tomorrow!

I believe that if these surfers could do so at night, they'd still be out there on the waves!

They never want to stop.

Girl surfer giving Shaka hand signal at the end of the day, Kata Beach,  Thailand

The last Shaka hand gesture of the day

Yowza! And what could be a more perfect ending to perfect days? Believe me, they'll be hitting the waves again tomorrow, bright and early!


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