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Your Retirement Dream IS Possible

The Adventurer's Guide to the Possible Dream

Twenty Years Later

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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Foreword by Mary Beth Franklin
Senior Editor Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine

Complete Table of Contents - see below    247 Information-packed pages with over 200 original photos

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This book is a must-read for anyone who dreams of retirement but worries that their plan has been derailed by a weak economy. "The dream is still possible," say Billy and Akaisha Kaderli, and they should know. Retired in 1991 at the age of 38, the Kaderlis have been living an adventurous, global life and have taught us that enrichment doesn't have to cost a fortune. Using their own inspirational retirement as an example, they step readers through practical advice about building and managing a financial portfolio, health care concerns, housing, traveling and lifestyle choices. After reading this book, you'll come away not only with a solid financial plan, but the courage and know-how to take the leap into the life you want.

Judy Martel, author of "The Dilemmas of Family Wealth," and's Wealth blog.


Akaisha and Billy have been inspiring Motley Fool readers for several years. If you, too, want to learn how to retire to a life of exotic travel, curl up with a copy of Your Retirement Dream IS Possible. The Kaderlis cover every aspect of declaring financial independence – from the exciting to the practical – that can help you create a plan for making the rest of your life an adventure.

Robert Brokamp, CFP®, Senior Advisor, The Motley Fool

On the Beach, Saint Some Where

We give you the plan, you make it happen

The perspectives we have gained cannot be purchased and one cannot fully understand them from reading a book or watching a movie. The food, climate, language, and interactions with others in daily events are not “just like home.” The awareness that this challenge brings - the knowledge of self coupled with authentic contact with other humans who have different points of reference - is an expansion. And it is one we value. Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

We have been retired over two decades and are just getting started!

It’s been a roller coaster ride for American workers over the past two decades. First they daydreamed about how to spend their riches from their dot-com investments in the late ‘90s. Later, they plotted how they’d ... Foreword by Mary Beth Franklin

Look at YOUR Options

It was a leap of faith.

At least that is how we described it to ourselves two decades ago when we left enviable jobs and a beautiful home a short quarter mile from the beach in Central California. It was literally a journey into the unknown, and nothing ... Introduction

It's not where you are it's where you are headed.

Our book is sold in PDF download only.
You can purchase through Paypal by simply using a Credit Card, without becoming a Paypal member.
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Our world has gotten larger not smaller and we are better for it. Our finances have seen ups and downs, but we continue to look up and out, not ... Chapter 1

The recent and ongoing financial crisis has tested all of us, not only financially but emotionally too. One of the biggest concerns retirees have is running out of money during their retirement years. The tools we discuss below will ... Chapter 4

Sitting back and letting yourself be buffeted by circumstances over which you have no control is like admitting that you have little influence in bringing about your own future. When you place the responsibility for your life in ... Chapter 5

In many cases, your quality of life will improve along with your health in this new lifestyle. There will be less stress, better weather, novel adventures and ... Chapter 9

Many couples have found contentment by becoming snowbirds; spending six months of the year in one location, making friends, and having a routine, then adding some zest to their retirement by ... Chapter 10

If you open your mind to the options that are available to you at this time in your life, you may just find that a lighter ... Chapter 12

I had always thought I’d have the white picket fence, a couple of dogs and some fruit trees in the back yard. Before I could begin my next sentence, my ... Chapter 16

We believe that ingenuity, flexibility, and the trend toward simple living will take on more value as their use will provide options for a quality retirement. Rather than giving up the idea of retirement all together ... Chapter 17

During our leisure trips we were always conscious of the time - when we arrived, the number of days allowed in this location, the hour a special tour or gathering began and ended, and the ... Chapter 23

If we can do can YOU!

Just because a place is touted in one magazine after another and in report after report, if it doesn’t accommodate your needs, it doesn’t matter. The #1 retirement location is the one that ... Chapter 26

Solo travelers can be charged the same room rate as a couple especially in resorts or on cruises, but there are places where you have ... Chapter 29

Over the twenty-plus years since we left the conventional work force we hear that same challenge from time to time. Our responses have ranged from ... Chapter 30

There are many ways to design the life you want and make it work for you. It is up to you to choose new avenues and embrace an ... Chapter 31

It became painfully obvious to many of us that larger events shaping the world of finance were out of our control. However, it does us no good to take the position of ... Chapter 32

Our number one project on our no-plan agenda was to slow down. Nothing moves quickly on ... Epilogue

Our book is sold in PDF download only.
You can purchase through Paypal by simply using a Credit Card, without becoming a Paypal member.
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Billy and Akaisha

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Table of Contents

About the Authors


by Mary Beth Franklin

Senior Editor, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine



Part One:

Financial Issues - Setting Yourself Up & Building the Dream

Chapter 1 - Twenty Years Later - What’s Changed?

The Odds Are in Your Favor

Chapter 2 - Seven Easy Steps

7.2% Return Graph

Chapter 3 - All I Have Left Is My Future - How to Retire in Ten Years

Chapter 4 - Money Management

Setting up the Spreadsheet

The 4% Rule

Excel Spreadsheet

Monthly Withdrawal Calculator

Actuarial Table

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Chapter 5 - Become Part of the Equation: Replace Hope with Action

Build an Action Plan

Chapter 6 - Prepare for Financial Independence - Begin Now

The Millionaire Mind

The Plan

Chapter 7 - The Upside of the Great Recession

Chapter 8 - Our Portfolio Today

Rule 72T

Part Two:

Cost of Living & Lifestyle Issues

Chapter 9 - Moving to Foreign Shores: Radical or Reasonable?

Chapter 10 - Two Sides of the Retirement Coin

Sample Challenge List

Chapter 11 - Dream Homes: Buyer Beware

Reality Check

Chapter 12 - The Best of Both Worlds

Value for Money Spent

Tax and Insurance Relief

Savings on Costs


Brick and Mortar Temptation

Built-in Community

Chapter 13 - More on Housing: Boomer or Bust?

Chapter 14 - Our Retirement: High Living, Low Costs

Chapter 15 - Going Car-Less: An Unsexy Choice?

Chapter 16 - Ruminating on Simplicity

Part Three:

Emotional Adjustment - Before and After Your New Lifestyle

Chapter 17 - Considering the Possible Dream

No Guarantees in Retirement

Chapter 18 - Keeping the Dream Alive


Part Four:


Chapter 19 - Befuddled over Health Care?

Our Personal Plan

You Are Not Alone

Quality Customer Service

Alternative Care

Is It Safe?


Beautiful Banos, Ecuador

Part Five:

The Traveling Lifestyle

Chapter 20 - Travel Styles - Same-Same but Different

Chapter 21 - Making Travel Easier for Old Folks Like Us

Chapter 22 - Hotel Hunting on the Road

Chapter 23 - Are You a Tourist or a Traveler?

Chapter 24 - Exotic Travel on Less

Chapter 25 - Getting the Best Prices When Shopping Overseas

Chapter 26 - Deciding to Take the Plunge - Before and After

Chapter 27 - On the Road - Our Digital and Travel Equipment

Chapter 28 - Preparing for Travel

Chapter 29 - Singles or Doubles?

Keeping Costs Down

Managing Your Luggage

Socializing and Travel Companions

Staying Healthy

Safety Issues



After the Fact

Part Six:

Working in Retirement?

Chapter 30 - Is it Work or Is It Passion?

One Definition of Retirement?

Productive Volunteering

Hobby or Job?

Boomer Freedom to Contribute

A Favorite for Retirees, Chapala, Mexico

Part Seven:

Becoming Comfortable with Uncertainty

Chapter 31 - Grabbing Your Life with Both Hands

Chapter 32 - You Are a Survivor

Crisis and Opportunity

The Tennis Ball Doesn’t Know the Score

Chapter 33 - Strengthening Through the Retirement Journey

Chapter 34 - Was It Worth It?


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Billy and Akaisha

About the Authors
Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance, medical tourism and world travel. With the wealth of information they share on their award winning website, they have been helping people achieve their own retirement dreams since 1991. They wrote the popular books, The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement and Your Retirement Dream IS Possible available on their website bookstore or on

Retire Early Lifestyle appeals to a different kind of person – the person who prizes their independence, values their time, and who doesn’t want to mindlessly follow the crowd.

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