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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.


Media Interviews with Billy and Akaisha

What is Retire Early Lifestyle?

Experiencing Covid in Mexico - One man's medical adventure

Getting Covid in Panama - a personal story

A Canadian Perspective on Health Care Overseas

A Quick Cultural Guide for Expats

You Are Stronger than You Think

The Fear of Market Downturns

Buying an Annuity versus Purchasing Equities

Life Lessons I've Learned through Making Art

We Do Not Know the Future

Billy and Akaisha - How We Afford Our Lifestyle

How to Budget for Wanderlust in Retirement - Q anad A with a Reader

Living Our Lives at Our Chosen Pace, Always Dreaming

CNBC Interviews Billy and Akaisha Kaderli - This couple retired at 38 in 1991. Here's how their investments have lasted over the years

CNBC Interviews Billy and Akaisha Kaderli - Here are 5 ways this retired couple saved an extra $500,000 over 30 years

Could the Dow Jones Industrial Average, DJIA, Hit 200,000 by 2041?

Relax, Breathe and Enjoy the Moment

Letting Go Leads to Brilliance

There Are Two Paths to FIRE

Lessons  We Learned in 2020

How Do You Contribute to the World?

Street Beggars, Part of an Expat Lifestyle

International Travel in the Days of COVID

How Travel Prepares You for the Unexpected

Q and A with A Reader - Modular Homes

There Is No Greater Virus than Fear

Can my investments survive a crisis if I retire early? It did for these early retirees living in Mexico - MarketWatch

Are You Creating Loneliness in Your Future?

What We Did on Spring Break - COVID Lockdowns Worldwide

Creative Day of Cooking - Our Christmas Day Bash

Tips on How to Purchase a Home in an Active Adult Community

How to Fail at Early Retirement

Creative Cuisine at Home

Pros and Cons of RV Living and Other Housing Options

A Sophisticated Guide to Drinking Tequila

Beef Wellington a la Mexicana

How to Make Your Retirement Richer: Could You Volunteer for One Day?

The Cost of Working

VIDEO - Create Your Favorite Lifestyle - Why Not?

Men, Women, and Their Comparative Saving for Financial Independence

VIDEO - How to Achieve Financial Independence - An Interview with Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

The Benefits of Globe Trotting

Our Adventures in Paradise, Nevis, West Indies

11 Best FIRE Bloggers to Inspire Your Retirement Plan

Money Isn't What Makes You Rich

Perhaps Retirement Is Closer than You Think!

Money Never Sleeps

VIDEO - Let us help you achieve your financial goals FIRE

Don't Retire Early! Is Suze Orman Right?  

If you don't believe in the future, should you invest?

How to Choose a Retirement Location

Order what you want... Eat what you get

Traveling Seasoned Citizens

5 Secrets of People Who Retire Early

Financial Exercise for Financial Freedom

Get More, Spend Less in Retirement

VIDEO - We made it!! TEN THOUSAND DAYS of Retirement and Financial Independence

Celebration Time, Come on! - TEN THOUSAND days of Financial Freedom!!

Do You Dream of Becoming a Millionaire? Make it Happen!

VIDEO - WOW! If We Can Do It, YOU Can too!

5 Truths we have discovered, nearing 3 decades of retirement

Having Flexibility in Your Retirement; An asset worth investing in

We declared our Financial Independence in 1991

They're 65 Years Old -- And Have Been Retired for Almost Three Decades

Top Ten questions and Answers on Medical Tourism

The Biggest Risks Of The 4 Percent Rule

Kuel Life Interviews Akaisha - Living the National Geographic Lifestyle

Order What You Want, Eat What You Get

Simplifying Investing for Financial Independence

Moving from Stuck to a World of Yes!

What Is Financial Independence?

There Are No Guarantees in Retirement

We Have an Obligation to serve the Poor and Homeless - Q&A with a Reader

If You Retire Early, Life Can Be a Beach

Break Your Routine without Breaking the Bank





Annual Spending Update 2017

Traveling Mailbox - View your postal mail from anywhere in the world!

20 Questions We Are Frequently Asked

Retirement Reflections - Entering Our 27th Year of Financial Independence

Transitioning to Retirement - A Remarkable Story

VIDEO - Join Us on the Road Less Traveled

I Want to Simplify and Travel - Q&A with a Reader

UP style your retirement lifestyle - Lunching in Style

Retirement Is Not Rocket Science

The Best Investment Move We Ever Made

A Priceless Retirement

Do You Need Two Million Dollars to Retire?

Christmas Season Around the World

Tooth Implant Billy received a tooth implant in Xela, Guatemala. Excellent care! Prices, name of dentist, more.

Travel the World as a Couple on $2,000 Month

The Price of Security

Briefcase to Backpack

Couple Travel Often After Retiring Early

5 Steps to Early Retirement

Retirement Dream or Nightmare?

Hooked on Adventure

Adventures in Financial Independence

Retirement Housing Options Compared

How to Retire Before 40 without $1 Million

Are You Prepared for the Ups and Downs in Retirement?

Opinion Feature - Personal Finance and Feminism

Are You or Someone You Know on Osteoporosis Drugs?

Tracking Your Data

How to Handle Dollar Fluctuations When You Live Overseas

Want to be Financially Independent? Do this Exercise!

Want to Learn about Retirement? Go to the Source!

On the Road Again - Tropical Travel Expenses

The Rose Man

It's in the Genes

There Are No Guarantees in Retirement

You Are My Hero

Is Retirement in Your Future?

The Story of Yes

Essential Guidelines for Travelers

My Case for Financial Assets

Early Retirement as a Lifestyle





Retirement Reflections

A Simple Road to Retirement

Are You Seeing Windows or Walls?

Make the Most of Feasting Internationally

Personal Capital - Living the Village Life

Hawaiian Girl

Early Retirement - Not Good for Your Mind! - Really?

The Rocks in My Basket

Get More - Spend Less in Retirement

Creating Happiness 100 Times Over Again

The Benefits of Travel

Money Saving Travel Tips

What to Do with Mail on Long-Term Travel

10 Financial Risks and Rewards of Retiring Abroad

We Made the Top 3!! Boomer Adventure Travel Blogs 2016

Easy Livin'

4 Ways to Upcycle the Food in Your Refrigerator

6 Tips to Make Traveling Easier

9 Tips for Driving in a Foreign Country

5 Tips to Change Your Life


Creating a Lifestyle of Meaning within Your Retirement

Financial Independence: Going from Satisfaction to Satisfaction

How to Double Your Social Security Check

20 Questions We Are Frequently Asked





Simplifying Investing for Financial Independence

Billy and Akaisha's Three Lessons on Retirement

A Traveler's Questions on Healthcare, Cost of Living, Apartment Hunting and More

How to Get a Retirement Visa for an EU Country

Birthday Lunch Connection

Staying Long Term in Hotels While Traveling

Top 55 Retirement Planning Websites Awards!

Towns with Perfect Climates, Where We Have Lived

When I'm 64

Health Concerns While Traveling

Create a Social Security Life Hack!

How to Create Financial Sustainability for Yourself

The Answers Are the Easy Part, the Questions Raise the Doubt

Travel Sickness? Try Motioneaze

5 Steps for Millennials to Become Financially Independent

We Won the Lottery!

Flight Changes, Orphaned Luggage

One Meal a Day

How to Make Traveling Easier for Yourself

I want to retire and travel. Should I have kids or not?

Repositioning Cruises

Quick Comparison: Chapala, Mexico to Panajachel, Guatemala

The Top Most Inspiring Retirement Blogs for 2015

Slip Slidin' Away - Chugchilan, Ecuador

Is House Sitting for Everyone?

Safety in Guatemala

More Conversation on Getting Out of the Rat Race

Message in a Bottle  

Single Black Female

Can I Find Good Internet Connections Overseas?

My Wife Wants to Retire Now, but Needs Her Employer Sponsored Health Care

Excerpt from The Adventurer's Guide to Early Retirement

How Do You Want to Spend Your Money in Retirement?  

How Much Is Enough to Retire On?

Health Information for Independent Travelers

Create a Money Machine, The Effect of Compounding

Tracking Your Data

Order What You Want

Economic Refugees

Q&A from a Reader: How to Retire/Live/Travel with only Social Security

Produce at the Maya Day Market, Panajachel, Guatemala

Produce at the Maya Day Market, Panajachel, Guatemala

Caution! Do Not Retire in Your Thirties!

How Is Retirement Defined?

Retired But Got the Blues? How Can that Be?!

Want to Learn about Retirement? - Go to the Source

Financial Keys to Retirement

Adventures in Financial Independence





How Technology Has Eased Our Financial Independence and Travel Lifestyle

8 Secrets for Success from Early Retirees

Car Free Is the Way to Go

Q&A From an Aspiring Near-Term Retiree

Adventures in Financial Independence (video)

What Does It Really Take to Move Overseas?

How to Choose a Retirement Location

Our 25th Year and We're Still Here!

Itís a Lifestyle, Not a Vacation

Boats on Juan Dolio Beach, Dominican Republic

Boats on Juan Dolio Beach, Dominican Republic

How Much Is Enough?

Would You Retire in Today's Financial Market?

Our 25th Year of Retirement by Age 62

Solving Some Problems of Retirement

Could You Become Car-Free?

Five Tools for Retirement Planning

Your Rockin' Retirement Blog

U.S. Expat Taxes Ė An Introduction

Follow Your Dreams - An excerpt from our book, Your Retirement Dream IS Possible 

5 Retirement Housing Options Compared

Retired on $30,000 a Year and Loving It

An Alternative Option for Vacationing and Retirement Lifestyle

Why Your House Is a Terrible Investment

What Makes "Home," Home

I Am a Happy, Homeless Pet and House Sitter

Why We Are Taking Social Security at Age 62

Older and Wiser

Money Mindsets

An Inside View

Our 5 Reasons to Retire Abroad

Confessions of a World Traveler

Why Thailand, Why Now?

Is Eating Street Food Safe?

Living with a Roommate Could Just Save Your Life

Traveling with a Stay-at-Home Spouse - Q&A from a Reader

Would Hemingway Drink Here

Hey Billy and Akaisha - Are You Retired or Not?

When the Unexpected Happens

Our Money Our Lives

Love to travel? try House Sitting

How to House Sit

Are you Confused? Good!

Billy and Akaisha Inside a Spanish Fortress, Campeche, Mexico

Inside a Spanish Fortress, Campeche, Mexico

The Cost of Working

The Benefits of Fear

The Price of Security

If You Canít Retire at 30 Then How About 38?

What Every Woman Needs to Know about Retirement

Our Ghost Post!!

Do You Have What It Takes?

Is 61 Too Old to Be a Gypsy?

5 Truths We Have Discovered

Three things to read, watch and use - Akaisha Kaderli

Your Future Your Choice

Listening with Passion

View from our 7th story studio, Saigon, Vietnam

View from our 7th story studio, Saigon, Vietnam

5 Money Saving Travel Tips

That's Life

How I Pack My Family with Me

Continuous Care: Opening Up the Conversation

How Do You Know You Are Wealthy?

How I Pack my Family with Me

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Gain Control Over Your Future

Telemedicine: The Perfect Partnership in Saving Money and Time

We're Still Here!

The Maid, the Thief and Forgiveness - What Would You Do?


Domestic Medical Tourism

Retirement Plan in Tatters

The Stupidest Question in the World

Just Say Yes!

Silk vendor, Luang Prabang, Laos

Silk vendor, Luang Prabang, Laos

Maneuvering through Medical Events Overseas - What About the Language Barrier?

Opportunity Knocking?

Quick Survival Tips for Travel

From Briefcase to Backpack

Working 3rd World Children

Billy puts Medical Tourism in Guatemala City to a Test

Billy's Medical Tourism Follow Up

Interview with Investment Specialist Sy Harding

Break the Routine without Breaking the Bank


Still Cruisin' at 80!

A Strong Commitment to Humanity

Livin' in Thailand on 3/4 Time

Akaisha Goes Shopping for Ice Cream

Women's Work

Pedro is a Ladies Man

About the Authors

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance, medical tourism and world travel. With the wealth of information they share on their award winning website, they have been helping people achieve their own retirement dreams since 1991. They wrote the popular books, The Adventurerís Guide to Early Retirement and Your Retirement Dream IS Possible available on their website bookstore or on

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