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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Update Interview with Dennis and Martha McIntire

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

The last time we interviewed Dennis and Martha McIntire was a few years back. The market had its meltdown in 2008, and the McIntires had just retired! Even though the timing was challenging, they had no regrets about their decision. Now, with a few more years of ER under their belts, it’s time to have an update interview!

Super Retirees, Dennis and Martha ready to go on their next trip!

Super Retirees, Dennis and Martha ready to go on their next trip!

Retire Early Lifestyle: Could you tell us how things have changed for you since you left your jobs and began to live the Early Retirement Lifestyle?

Dennis and Martha McIntire: We have traveled a lot and one of the biggest changes is that we no longer fear the unknown. We endured a market meltdown while we were in Thailand. Rather than getting depressed, we would get a Thai massage for an hour or two. (Smile) Yes, we were roughing it! Ha,ha

We have experienced some medical issues overseas without insurance and discovered doctors that were as good as or better than in the United States. Paying cash for the doctor visits was cheaper than our co-pay in the US. We now have three precious grandkids so we schedule a few more trips to the states to enjoy these priceless gifts. It doesn’t take long for us to get restless and start planning the next trip.

REL: You have done quite a bit of travel in your retirement and we understand that you do some house sitting gigs. How has that worked out for you, and what advice would you give to others who want to try this approach to lodging? Is it 100% free housing or do you pay unities or other costs? Have you found house sitting to be an integral part of your Early Retirement Lifestyle at this point?





DMI : We have house sat with and without the responsibility of animals. Three times we have been to Scotland and now have many friends there. Hawaii was beautiful and Denver was special. All the housing was free so we made sure that we left the house in better shape than we found it. We always had food or a meal ready upon their return and sometimes flowers around the house. We still house sit sometimes and recommend it to everyone. It is a cheap way to travel and what a way to experience life like a local! We don’t seek out new house sitting opportunities but still return to some previous places.

Now we prefer to have the flexibility to leave whenever we want and explore places on a last minute whim. We still wonder what is around the next corner. Ha, I hope we never lose that wanderlust.

All the male tennis players standing in line to give Akaisha a hug on her birthday. Chapala tennis courts, Mexico

All the male tennis players standing in line to give Akaisha a hug on her birthday... and there's Dennis!!

REL: What do you average in spending annually? Does this include health insurance? Do you have health insurance?

DM : In the early years tracking our spending was a daily ritual but now we don’t track our spending on a spreadsheet as before. This was one of the best ideas that we got from your book on early retirement. Tracking the spending kept us on budget and created a lifestyle habit of always knowing where we were financially.

Now we still live well below our income which enables us to take that special trip occasionally. I have Medicare and we have insurance for Martha while in the States. While out of the USA, we just pay cash for any medical needs. It is always cheaper than at home.

REL: Can you share with us anything about how your portfolio is structured? Did your retirement affect your allocation at all?

DM : I have a pension that I consider the bond portion of my portfolio. The remainder is all stock mutual funds, ETFs, and individual stocks. My retirement did not alter our investment allocation at all. Oh, I guess I could have saved and invested more by not getting so many massages in Thailand, but what the heck, you have to enjoy life a little!! It is worth the trade off. Smile.

REL: How do you manage your finances while on the road?

DMI : With the internet today you can manage everything from where you are enjoying life at the present.

Dennis and Martha with the Tower Bridge behind them, London, England

Dennis and Martha with the Tower Bridge behind them, London

REL: Do you have a home base or own a home?

DMI : We drop in to see our grandkids frequently and call this our home base. We are unemployed and homeless. Ha,ha No one feels sorry for us though. We lost our mind and bought a house a couple of years ago. We kept it one year and sold it. We just didn’t have the freedom to travel whenever we wanted. Our travel was more important than having a house. Who knows what will happen way down the line but it is not in the immediate future. There are too many expenses with a house.

REL: Have you left much of your possessions in storage? Or did you chuck it all?

DMI : We have a few items at our home base but when we retired we gave everything to our son and became minimalists. We feel less is better.

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REL: Do you own a vehicle?

DMI : We keep an older Toyota Corolla for travel while in the states. Public transportation is not available so we use the vehicle when we return to see the grandkids.

REL: You have children and grandchildren. How do you balance the mix of travel with family time?

DMI : We travel for a few months and then go see the grandkids for a month or so. If we miss a holiday or birthday, we always take a day to celebrate it at another time. They feel like they get two birthdays this way. Occasionally, we send them a special present we order from Amazon and they love this.

Dennis with Lorna and Sarah. Sun is still out at 10pm in Scotland!

Dennis with Lorna and Sarah at 10pm in Scotland. The sun is still out!

REL: What are your greatest passions in life?

DMI : Have compassion for others and enjoy life. Some passions come and go but the basics stay the same.

REL: How do you contribute to the world?

DMI : There are many small ways that we contribute and some larger ones. A simple smile at someone and letting people know you appreciate them. We try to always value people where ever we are located. We are in Mexico right now and there is always an older gentleman on a corner that washes cars for a living. He never complains and is always working. Frequently we will bring him a coke and chips or something to eat. He is always very appreciative. Martha and I have financed 3 Mexican girls through college and felt very fulfilled to see them graduate. Now we have three new families for life. More parties to attend now!!! Haha There is always some way to help, you just have to look around. On a global scale, we have a small carbon footprint and not many utilities to pay when you are homeless!!

REL: What’s the worst thing you deal with in this new chosen lifestyle? Your biggest challenge?

DMI : Honestly, we don’t worry about a lot of things now. Maybe the worst thing is a cold shower. So that is not too bad is it? The biggest challenge is to figure out where to go next because of all the choices.

REL: What is exhilarating beyond words? Something you would never trade about your lifestyle to obtain “security?”

DMI : Probably a big hug and kiss from a new friend that you will have for life. Experiences and relationships are much more valuable than things.

REL: What would you say to someone who is considering tossing the conventional lifestyle and living one of travel? What advice would you give?

Tea time in Scotland with Dennis and Martha

Tea time in Scotland

DMI : 1. Get rid of things

2. Only buy what you need

3. Save a lot!

Invest what you save and before long you can hit the road. Go for it now!!!! We have been retired for over 10 years and have never looked back and said, “ I wish we would have worked more.” This will be a great new challenge and you can find a new you.

REL: What is a secret fact about you?





DMI : Ha,ha I can’t tell you!!!!!

REL: What are you looking forward to?

DMI : Many more travels and friends. It it always thrilling to meet up with old friends on the road.

REL: What has surprised you the most about your Early Retirement Lifestyle?

DMI : The way worry about finances and health has disappeared. This doesn’t stop us from traveling and enjoying ourselves. The world has opened up to us.

REL: What is your biggest splurge?

DMI : Buying gifts for the grandkids. Really, we are pretty conservative but will splurge on airline tickets overseas.

REL: Is there a happiness mantra or motto that you've found to be very helpful?

DMI: Not so a mantra or motto but always remind ourselves that we could be back home stuck in rush hour traffic on our way to work. UGH!!!! Just enjoy and appreciate every day. We see beauty everywhere now.

Martha and Dennis at Loch Muich, Scotland

Martha and Dennis at Loch Muich, Scotland

REL: What do you do for fun or entertainment?

DMI : We are doing it!!!!!!! We create new entertainment everywhere we go. We still enjoy the typical things like beaches, mountains, lakes, etc. There is always joy somewhere. In Scotland last May we hiked around Lock Muick and stopped to have lunch on the Queen’s front porch of her lake house. Of course she wasn’t there. Ha,ha, they probably would have shot us.

REL: Where are you going next?

DMI:  We are going to follow the rainbow. But right now we will go see the grandkids and then to Chihuahua, Mexico for Navidad. (Christmas) After that we will go to Merida, Mexico and in the Spring we plan on going to Spain and Italy for 3 months. After that probably to Thailand and then to_________, Sorry, it never ends.

Billy and Akaisha, we are so thankful that we found you guys on the internet and bought your book on early retirement. It gave us the nudge and confidence that we needed to make the jump into retirement and adventure. Our paths cross at times and what a thrill for us to enjoy like-minded friends. Thanks for your help and friendship. Esto es vida!!!!! (This is the life!!!!!)

We would like to thank Dennis and Martha for taking their time to answer these questions and for sharing their lives with us. We truly appreciate your friendship also!

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About the Authors

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance, medical tourism and world travel. With the wealth of information they share on their award winning website, they have been helping people achieve their own retirement dreams since 1991. They wrote the popular books, The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement and Your Retirement Dream IS Possible available on their website bookstore or on

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