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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 3rd decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Four Dentists in Chapala, Mexico

Utilizing dental tourism in Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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Since arriving in Chapala, Mexico I have seen four dentists in five weeks. An older crown started giving me issues so I had it looked at while I was here.  

This could not have been easier.

Walking around, I noticed one of many dental offices and decided I may as well get this checked. The dentist, Juanita, immediately had me in her chair and right away determined that this crown needed to be replaced.

Dra. Juanita's sign, one of many in town. There is no rush to choose!

Dra. Juanita's sign, one of many in town. There is no rush to choose!

In Mexico there are different levels of dentistry and this issue was above her training. So while I waited in the chair she went around the corner to another dentist, Alfonzo, who was qualified for crown replacement. In a matter of minutes he was working on me.

I braced myself for a long haul in the chair, but in no time the old crown was out, the mold made and then I was instructed to return in four days to have it installed.


I returned on the arranged date and time. A little of this and that and Alfonzo had the crown fitting on my tooth nicely. He measured my bite, made minor adjustments and I was good to go.

Total cost of this crown and procedure was 3750 Pesos.

For a routine cleaning, a week later I went to my regular dentist, Lourdes. I have used her services many times over the years. While I was there, she discovered I had an infection in the area where the new crown was and recommended that I go see a specialist. Her cleaning and x-ray ran 350 + 100 = 450 Pesos.

Dentists are everywhere in town. This one is working on a patient.

Dentists are everywhere in town. This one is working on a patient.

Eloy, the specialist, was very professional, took an x-ray and then told me I needed this tooth pulled. He suggested I go back to Lourdes and have her pull it.

His cost was 200 P including the x-ray.

I was a little shaken and baffled since I just had this new crown installed. So I then took the film back to Alfonso who said there is no way that this tooth needed pulling! What's going on here?

He put me on antibiotics and asked that I wait a few days for them to take effect. I returned to his office days later where he performed a minor surgical procedure by opening up the infected area and cleaning it out.

The stress of living in the States can take its toll on your health. People say that living in Chapala adds ten years to your life and we believe it. The relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, clean air, great food, friendly people and just plain fun is bound to extend your life.

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After a couple of days the infection was all clear and upon a follow up visit with him he instructed me to finish the antibiotics. He gave me the thumbs up and was thrilled he was able to save my tooth. His cost was 500 Pesos.

Alfonzo told me “I like my work” and I could certainly see this in his demeanor, his attitude and attention to detail.

I received all of this dental care in five weeks, and the price came to 4900 Pesos or about $250.00 USD. And I still have my tooth!

In my opinion, with this full dental experience, I would recommend Alfonzo as a dentist. His business information is below:

Dentista Dr. Alfonso, Cel: 33. 3173. 7836 Located in building Juarez #518 Chapala, Jalisco, C.P. 45900



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Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance, medical tourism and world travel. With the wealth of information they share on their award winning website, they have been helping people achieve their own retirement dreams since 1991. They wrote the popular books, The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement and Your Retirement Dream IS Possible available on their website bookstore or on

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