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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Amazing Flower Bouquet Ideas

for a 60th Birthday

Ashley Lipman

A New Year is Always a New Bloom

Trees bear fruit in season annually, and sometimes more than annually. As those trees mature, so does their fruit; and so it is with human beings. Especially for ladies who have become the matriarch of a family over time, what they’ve borne through the years becomes its own spinning human eddy. But people of all kinds bear fruit over time.

Just because she’s not become the grandmother society expects doesn’t mean she hasn’t sewn creative seeds throughout her life equally reflected in the beautiful flowers of a fine bouquet.

Accordingly, just as individual as she is, for her sixtieth, you can find a fine bouquet solution that precisely matches her personality. We’ll explore a few ideas to help get your imagination going.

flowers and birthday cake on table

1. Fine Classics from Flower Makers Who Know Their Craft

First, look at what professional florists are up to. Because each year is a new beginning where a soul brings their particular creative spice to the world, flowers tend to be very popular for birthdays. That’s one of many reasons a fine flower "happy birthday" bouquet can say a lot to many people.

Even though you’re considering options for someone in their sixties, just remember that individuals have that same uniqueness as different sorts of flowers do. Before getting the most popular flower arrangement making the shape of a “6” and a “0”—though that could well be the best move—you might want to additionally explore Bouqs birthday bouquet options before finally choosing.

2. Potted Beauties Designed to Bloom through the Years

Flowers with cut stems can be made to last much longer than you might expect in a vase with flower food, stem trimming, placement of illumination, and water management. However, you can also get flowers that are potted in such a way they bloom through multiple cycles within the home, so long as they get water and proper light.

3. A Finely-Wrought Flower Crown

The age “sixty” is special; vestiges of youth are not totally gone, yet maturity of years has made an individual exceptionally wise. Certainly, no one lives forever, but in this day and age, provided one is conscientious and maintains enough joie de vivre, it’s very likely to live into one’s late nineties. So really, the sixties are sort of like the beginning of the third act of life.

They could even just be the middle of someone’s “second act”; it depends on the person. Regardless, making it to sixty means someone has seen a lot of life, and done a lot of things right. Accordingly, a flower crown is quite appropriate, and a fun little way to celebrate this benchmark decade.

4. A Hawaiian-Themed Celebration With “Leis” You Make

The Hawaiian “Lei”, that particular wreath worn like a necklace made of flowers, is especially festive and fun.

A lot of people approaching that sixtieth birthday are in a financial place where they might well vacation in the tropics. If something prevents the trip, a fine Hawaiian-themed celebration at home can act as a worthy replacement; especially if you get the right sort of flowers and make your own leis.

full photo of deep pink roses

5. Sixty Roses for Sixty Years: Roses Like Candles

One rose for every year of life makes a large bouquet. A dozen roses five times makes sixty. So five-dozen roses presented individually, or as a group, can really make a statement. For a change, instead of candles, you might bring the loved one in your life who is passing into this sixth decade a huge amount of roses.

The appearance, smell, and sheer number of these flowers will likely make a memorable impression. Just do the work to clip them and vase them, either individually, in groups, or within one very large vase; whatever makes the most sense. This will make a big statement, be striking to the eye, and definitely represents a striking sort of bouquet arrangement.

A Flower Bouquet that Says: Your Bloom is Endless

Whether you bring the new sixty-year-old in your life sixty roses in a bouquet, get a little tropical with it through either purchased or hand-made Hawaiian Leis, crown their achievements in life with a flower-wrought circle of royalty, celebrate long-term fruitfulness through a multi-bloom potted flower arrangement, or give a classic bouquet; flowers are fine for a sixtieth birthday.

Explore what’s out there, consider who the recipient is, and get creative. There are all sorts of options; what works best will be that which you know resonates with the maturing special person in your life. 

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