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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

70 Going on 17: 6 Ways to Stay Young at Heart During Retirement

Amanda Greenberg

If you associate retirement with withered bathrobes, early-bird TV dinners, and excessive napping, you may want to reevaluate your aging opinions and break down tropes. While retirement is a great time to kick up your feet and unwind from a lifetime of hard work, it doesnít have to be a snooze-fest. Life can start fresh at retirement, and this new chapter might be the perfect opportunity to embrace new-found adventures.

Fresh retirees are diving headfirst into new hobbies, travel plans, and senior-friendly activities, challenging stereotypes about the elderly community every step of the way. While retiree-related misconceptions like an inability to live alone, lack of sex life, overall fragility, and poor health run rampant, these myths build a false reality for most retirement-aged folks. For many older individuals, age is but a number that inaccurately represents their highly fulfilling lives. If youíre ready to live it up during retirement, consult these six tips to help you stay forever young.

Prioritize self-confidence in your golden years

Enhancing your sense of self-confidence during your golden years might be your golden ticket to living out retirement in a fulfilling manner. Although itís easy to dwell on damaging social perceptions, causing you to feel ashamed of your wrinkles or declining mobility, you can mitigate negative self-perception by limiting harmful-self talk, socializing with like-minded individuals, and practicing gratitude.

However, seniors who fear certain aspects of aging have valid concerns. If youíre worried about losing maneuverability, consider purchasing upright walkers for seniors that can help you stand tall and walk with confidence.

Remain physically active

As your body changes with age, remaining active is critical to maintaining mobility. However, you donít have to trudge along on the treadmill for 30 excruciatingly boring minutes per day. Instead, explore physical activities that excite and inspire you to get moving. Whether you join a bowling league, engaging in low-impact sports like swimming, or give hiking a go, stimulating your muscles will reduce injury and keep you feeling energetic and youthful.

If youíre looking for easygoing exercises to keep your body moving, connect with your surroundings by walking nature trails, take day trips to the city, or take the stairs when you can.

Broaden your social circle

When youíre no longer working, it can be tough to maintain social bonds and relationships. Breakroom chit chat and office Christmas party banter become unavailable during retirement, so youíll have to initiate friendship building in a new way. Practice routine social interaction and remain open to new connections for new and fresh perspectives. In addition, hanging around adolescent loved ones can help you feel youthful and keep you up-to-date on younger generations.

Give back

Whether you volunteer your time at a local animal shelter or organize clothing drives for the homeless, doing something selfless can leave you feeling full of life and purpose. Find an issue in your community you care about and get involved. By prioritizing rewarding activities during retirement, youíll realize how much you have to offer and feel grateful for the life you live.

Treat yourself

Youíve spent your entire life saving up and working hardónow is the time to treat yourself. Engaging in occasional indulgent behaviors like eating delectable foods, treating yourself to a luxurious massage, or buying a big-ticket item can be rewarding, relaxing, and entertaining. While financial responsibility in retirement is critical, letting loose and showing yourself some love will invigorate your soul.

Itís your timeóspend it how you want

Retirement is the perfect opportunity to finally participate in activities you wished you could do but couldnít because of strict work schedules. Without the 9 to 5 grind holding you back, youíll have time for activities that make your heart sing. Pick up an old hobby, experiment with new-found passions, or give continuing education courses a try.

If you find yourself getting antsy with extra time on your hands, consider applying for a part-time job doing something youíve always wanted to do. As long as youíre feeling happy and healthy, youíre golden.

To wrap up

Misconceptions and stigmas around aging and retirement can weigh heavy on elderly folk. However, by staying active, engaging with like-minded people, and prioritizing yourself during your retirement years, you can break down stereotypes and live out your work-less fantasies.

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