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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Wheelchair for

Your Elderly Loved One

Elena Roy

Why is it important to choose a suitable wheelchair for your elderly loved one?

A wheelchair is the only mechanical support system that an older adult can acquire. All his activities being performed comfortably depend entirely on the type of wheelchair he is getting. They do not have a say in it, for they do not know their condition and what would be suitable for them. They entirely depend on their family to make such decisions. Different older adults have various types of problems. Selecting the most appropriate wheelchair according to the issue being faced is also an essential aspect of getting a wheelchair for your elderly loved one. The safety and comfort of the life of your elderly loved one ultimately depends on the type of wheelchair you choose for them. There are hundreds of different varieties of wheelchairs available in the market. The person acquiring and deciding which wheelchair to take for the older person must always make sure that they take all their time and go through a detailed survey and a detailed review section before they take it. They must know which one would suit him better and why.

Battery powered wheelchair

Five tips for choosing a suitable wheelchair for your elderly loved one.

1.  The most preferred wheelchair for an older adult is a wheelchair powered with a battery and is electric. They are automated wheelchairs that operate using a remote control or buttons that are placed on the wheelchair. It is always a more accessible option than other manual wheelchairs because they do not have to rely on anyone to move around freely. They can just perform all the operations by themselves if appropriately taught. However, not everyone can afford power wheelchairs, for they are generally a lot more expensive than manual wheelchairs, so the older adult does not want to burden his family, which is a financial cost as high as that. However, some various websites and stores put up battery powered electric wheelchairs for sale so that a significant part of the mass can afford them and give support to their elderly loved ones. Power chairs are also a good option for they require much less consumption of energy and operate faster when compared to regular manual wheelchairs. These are the best ones to go for if your elderly loved one will be moving around in a wheelchair for a more extended period or forever.

2.  A rear wheelchair is a suitable option for older adults who work in an office or have any other type of job. It is ideal for such a person because it helps in an older adultís easy and fast movement without putting in too much effort. Older adults who are working and require a wheelchair to cover the distances from, say, one cubicle to another need a wheelchair that is sturdy and can cover as much distance as possible in as little time as can be covered. However, these are not just for working adults. They come in handy also for an older adult who has recently retired and wants to spend quality time with his family without depending on them for his movements. 

3.  A mid wheelchair powered by batteries is a perfect option if your elderly loved one has to cover only a limited amount of distance, for example, say one room to the other. These are primarily for adults residing in flats or comparatively smaller houses. The moving radius of a mid wheelchair is relatively smaller than the other wheelchairs but is equally as efficient as them. These are designed to cover a shorter distance, and the only problem is covering long distances becomes difficult while on this chair.

4.  Certain senior citizens love to travel but are bound to their houses because of their old age or any problems that prevent their free and easy movement. For such adults, portable wheelchairs are a perfect choice. They allow the senior citizens to lead their life and do what they love irrespective of their ages.

5.  Another point that should be considered is that when one is purchasing a wheelchair for their elderly loved ones, they should make sure that they know all the details of every wheelchair so that they do not end up taking the wrong wheelchair.

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