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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.


4 Investment Options for Retirees


Samuel Mills is a full-time blogger who focuses on producing content about senior life. Samuel aims to help readers know more and adjust easily to senior life. Aside from making sure that his blog is regularly updated with informative content, Samuel also submits guest posts to other blogs and websites. 

Retirement is just the beginning of living life to the fullest. It should be the point in a personís life wherein finance is no longer a problem. However, the reality is different from the ideal setting. While retiring means stopping from long years of working and enjoying the fruits of your labor, many people spent all their money paying all sorts of expenses, like student loans, as well as car, insurance, and mortgage payments.

If youíre a senior or about to retire, you might want to consider the following investment options:


Stocks are a risky investment recommended for younger investors. However, retirees can still include stocks as a part of their investment portfolio. Generally, your stock portfolio percentage should be 100 less your age. For instance, a 60-year-old investor can invest 30% of their money in the stock market. Of course, you can decrease or increase this percentage, depending on your risk tolerance and personal circumstances.

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Take a look at the following stocks investment tips:

Continue Learning: Continue to equip yourself with financial knowledge, such as by taking advantage of the best financial newsletters, to stay updated on the latest new and business trends, especially stocks.

Choose Steady Stocks: Donít chase huge returns from tech stocks as younger investors do. Invest in stocks with a steady growth rate, offering dividends to put money in your pocket regularly.

Mutual Funds: Choose mutual funds that focus on dividend stocks managed by experienced investment professionals. In mutual funds, youíre investing in many different stocks. Hence, reducing your risk of losing all your money if one of the companies isnít performing as expected.


Whether you want to retire before 50 or 60, investing in a bond is a good idea because it makes you a co-owner of a company or corporation. Unlike stocks, the returns of bonds are more predictable. Although you canít expect significantly higher returns, buying a series of bonds results in a small cash infusion over consecutive years instead of a single big payout.

Check the following tips when investing in bonds:

Consider Investing In Mutual Funds: This investment option is an attractive option for retirees. With bond mutual funds, you can invest in different bonds, usually with staggered maturity dates. It means that youíll get consistent income with mutual funds managed by professionals.

Understand All Costs: Itís important to understand the costs associated with investing in a bond. Inquire how the broker or brokerage firm is being compensated, including mark-ups, mark-downs, and commissions.

Don't Time The Market: Donít speculate on interest rates. Itís best to stick to a good investment strategy to attain your financial goals.

Certificates Of Deposit

This low-risk investment option is similar to having a savings account, but with a twist. While savings allow you to deposit and withdraw money several times a month, CD holds your money for a predetermined period or a term (ranges from three months to five years) in the bank. During this hold period, your money accrues interest. A penalty applies if withdrawals are made from the CD before the end of term or maturity date. 


You can cash out your original money deposit and the accrued interest as your CD matures. Also, you can roll your funds into a new CD. Any interest earned should be reported as taxable income.

Here are the reasons why many retirees choose this form of investment: 

Certificate of deposit tends to have more favorable interest rates as compared with traditional savings accounts. 

CD is a safe investment option as compared with a stock investment in the stock market.

It gives you an assurance that you have money to use later in your life.

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Real Estate Rentals

Rental Properties can be a good source of passive income. Itís a promising retirement investment if you have a huge amount of money. If you have the right price, you can earn money from rental fees, taxes, landlord salary, and the mortgage, while putting extra money in your pocket. 


As you can see, retirement is a good time to invest, especially if you hadnít thought of investing in stocks, bonds, CDs, and rentals when you were younger. You can choose the most suitable investment options for you to keep money coming over time. Investing is one way to keep you busy, comfortable, and worry-free after your retirement.

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