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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

10 Things You Should Always Have with You While Traveling

Sherry Hess

Sherry Hess is a successful blogger who loves to travel and share her experience about traveling on her website. Aside from letting her readers know the places she visited and the experience she had with these destinations, Sherry also gives out photography tips on her blog. During her leisure, Sherry loves to read books at home.

As much fun as traveling can be, it can also be stressful when youíre caught unawares. If youíve traveled even once or twice, you already know to bring the essentials Ė important documents, things to keep you warm, and all the gadgets and electronics to keep you entertained. However, there are still some unusual items you should think about that will make things a little easier for you, especially in case of emergencies.

If youíre planning a trip, whether by air, land, or sea, hereís a list of must-haves to get you going:

Disposable face masks

After the world has gone through tough times with COVID-19, health has become top priority. While traveling during a pandemic may not be ideal, itís still possible and, sometimes, necessary. Make sure you have a pack of disposable masks (or spare masks) handy when you travel. While cloth or reusable masks are ideal, a lot of things can happen that will render them unusable. They can get wet, touch dirty surfaces, or even get lost. Having spare masks in your bag ensures that youíll always be protected.

Anti-bacterial wipes

Using anti-bacterial wipes is a handy way to clean and disinfect anything Ė your hands, tables, chairs, bottles, and even your cell phone. It also makes trips to public restrooms a lot more sanitary, especially when youíre already out and about exploring the town.


Getting sick while traveling can be the biggest bummer to your plans. Something as simple as a head cold can already derail your itinerary for the day. A hefty dose of Vitamin C can help boost your immunity throughout your trip, but you also need to make sure that you get as much rest as possible. Other supplements are also meant to help keep your immunity in check like Vitamin D and zinc. Bring what youíre comfortable with, but thereís also no need to pack a whole pharmacy into your luggage.

A Knife

It may be odd to go shopping for a knife, but having one handy can help you out of unexpected disasters. It always makes sense to have one when youíre out camping or having adventures outdoors, but survival knives like one of these can be useful in any situation. Sturdy, rust-proof, and useful in many circumstances, such a knife can be used for fishing, camping, and, practically, any emergency case you can encounter.

Some Form of GPS

Most of you will have your phone with you when you travel, and that means you also have maps. This uses the GPS network to give your position and will help you navigate wherever you may be - in a city, driving or even hiking in unfamiliar places. However, you might also have a GPS watch which can help you navigate on the fly, without having to reach into your pocket for your phone. It can be especially useful when youíre out running or walking in a new neighborhood on your trip.

Lip balm

Wherever you go and however you travel, you will, for sure, encounter chapped lips along the way. This is especially true when youíre headed to a place with colder climates. Lip balm will obviously keep your lips moisturized.

Shampoo block or bar

Light packers will benefit greatly from shampoo blocks. Itís one less bottle of liquid to bring and can be in your carry-on. Itís also environmentally-friendly with less plastic packaging, but it can also be multi-use. While itís primarily for the hair, it can also be used as body or hand soap if youíre really trying to save on space.

Power Strip

Youíll never know how many (or few) outlets youíll have in your hotel. For many budget hotels, you only get a couple of outlets leaving you to choose between having a lamp or charging your phone. A power strip eliminates that problem wherever you are, even when youíre at the bus station and other people already beat you to the punch. 

Packable rain poncho

Rain is always a risk anywhere and at any given day. A rain poncho is light and almost negligible in weight, so it will be easy for you to have at all times. Itís much more convenient to bring than an umbrella and will also pass through security as a carry-on item. Having a rain poncho during a downpour also keeps your hands free to do or carry other more important things. Of course, itís also possible to just grab one at a convenience store, but theyíll most likely be very thin and easily rip. Get one thatís durable, usable, and possibly one that also comes in cute colors or patterns.

Spare change of clothes


In the event that you lose your luggage, a spare change of your clothes in your carry-on will get you through a day or two without the rest of your stuff. It can also come in handy when youíre not able to check into your hotel as soon as you arrive at your destination yet youíre itching to get out of your 12-hour-old outfit. Opt for comfortable basics like joggers or soft dresses and some clean underwear to keep carry-on weight at a minimum.  

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