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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Riding High in Boracay


Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Everyday cannot be a sunny beach day, right? We took the opportunity on this less than perfect day to do some horseback riding on the island of Boracay.


Romy, the stable owner, prepares Akaisha for this adventure. Not that she's the best rider... Akaisha was missing the saddle horn that is normally expected on western saddle, and is showing some nervousness! Still, she is game to try. We have never ridden with an English saddle, so this is a new adventure for us.


We were off! Follow me! The stables are down the road and through a very small barangay. Here, children are watching some boys play basketball just to our left as we pass through. Claren, the young man on the lead horse, has kindly taken Akaisha's daypack so as not to spook her horse when it's time to gallop!






The trails are dirt roads through the lush mountains. We passed dozens of ATV's also having fun on these roads. Not the best friend a horse could have and it made us all skittish as they passed.

Climbing steadily to the highest viewpoint on the island of Boracay, we finally make it to the mountain top where we are able to see the entire island, as well as Panay in the far background.


Though young, these guides far surpassed our riding ability and experience. J.L. made sure Akaisha survived the quirks of her particular horse. Still, she hangs onto the hornless saddle!


Sometimes we rode on the beach, and sometimes it was on the road next to the beach. This is the windward side of Boracay. We saw many houses for sale and raw land waiting for someone to build upon it. What an enticing thought. A home in paradise!


Billy by ocean's edge. As much as we enjoy the ocean, the horses didn't and were determined not to get wet. Early on, the guides gave us each switches to 'encourage' the horses to move along. We used them sparingly, except at the beach!


Akaisha's horse had a mind of her own and would occasionally take off at a gallop or decide on a different path than what the others were walking. It was quite a feat to have her horse and Billy's in the same photo frame! Even though it's overcast, we have our bathing suits on under our riding clothes because we still planned to spend the day at our favorite beach on the other side of the island.


Akaisha could have used 3 hands here. What about Billy trying to hold a camera to take pictures as well?! How is one supposed to ride and hang on at the same time? Poor horsie! The switch was just kept for Akaisha's comfort. It was too short to reach the horse!


Halfway through the ride we stopped at a little sundry shop on the beach. Here, the young boys are playing pool with something similar to poker chips instead of billiard balls. We saw these tables all over the island. The young boy in the upper right is totally focused. I wonder if he is the defending champion or simply trying to learn some pointers from the big guy he's playing?






We did get some rain on this dark day, but it was only a light sprinkle. Such is life in paradise. The way of the island is most apparent with the boats in the background including the one currently being built.

Back to the barangay, this little chalk diagram is a child's game similar to hopscotch. It's amazing what games kids worldwide can make up with only a few simple tools.


The horses knew their way home and here we are a stone's throw from Romy's stables. Taking this horse riding trip brought an enticing twist to what would have been a drab, drizzly day on an island paradise.

Boracay Horse-Riding Stable, est. 1986.

Tele: 288.3311, cell: 0927.5200468

One hour for adult riding, $11USD, 2 hours $20USD. Discounts for children

Open 6am to 6pm. Ask for Romy or Brenda

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