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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Marvelous Melaque

Melaque, Mexico
(Pronounced: May-LAA-kay, MAY-hee-coh)
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Billy and Akaisha Kaderli 

Proceeding with our journey through the Mexican state of Michoacan, from Caleta de Campos we got up early, took a shower, finished packing and headed out to the main road to catch whatever bus was going north. As luck would have it at 8:30 we boarded a first class bus on its way to Tecoman for 125 Pesos per person.


The outstanding coastal scenery continued, taking our breath away. These unspoiled beaches were astonishing.


At every turn in the road, nature packed a punch. We marked this one on our GPS for a future visit. The name of the beach? We have no idea!


Raw beauty extends as far as the eye can see. No hotels, no suburbs, no palapa restaurants.





Every once in a while, there would be hints of humanity.

After Five hours of driving through coastal glory we arrived in Tecoman just in time to catch the second class 1:15 Bus to Manzanillo for 31 Pesos per person. Over an hour later we're in Manzanillo, just in time to take the 3 o’clock bus to Melaque - another 44 Pesos per person.


 It's after 5 pm now when we arrive in Melaque, and although travel went smoothly, we are pooped. Grabbing our gear and quickly stopping by a hotel to look for the friends we are to meet, we have no luck. So we hit the road, walking, searching for a place recommended to us by a fellow body surfer whom we met in Puerto Escondido.

All we have is the name of the hotel, San Felipe, and of course, no reservations. It's quite a walk and we check out several rooms as we trod along, beginning to wonder if it is a mistake to try and find this place. San Felipe Hotel seems out of the way and far from the center of town - which is perfect if you want to be away from the crowds!


We finally make it to San Felipe and tell Linda, the owner, that a friend of Felipe’s sent us here. She shows us a room on the top floor, and what a view! Another one for the record. How did we get so lucky on this trip?


We bargain for the price, since we can tell the hotel isn’t full… and we get it for 300 Pesos a night!

We are right on the beach with the waves crashing audibly below, and from our room we see a series of little swimming pools cascading by the hotel restaurant on the ground floor.

After cleaning up we go out to find some food. Walking a couple of blocks and to the left we find Langosta Roja, a seafood place here in town where it seems all the Gringos eat.

We finish a fine dinner of dorado and puerco milanesa and begin to hunt for a local panaderia to buy some pan dulce for the morning. On our way home, our friends, Gloria and Ray pull up behind us in their car! What a surprise! It was going to be our #1 mission to find them in the morning, but instead, they proceed to take us to a party in motion at the cliff side RV park a few blocks away.

 Live music and dozens of people are dancing and carrying on. I was looking forward to getting some sleep and an early bed time, but I could see that this was out of the question now…

Bruce on the left is playing the 'Gut Bucket Base' made with a box, some heavy string and a broom handle. He has literally worked his fingers to blister state (notice the Band-Aids on his right hand) while with his left he works the broom handle to stretch or loosen the string. All of this movement gives the Gut Bucket a surprising range of base notes and added remarkable musical dimension to the live guitar and singing that veteran musician Rod Snow provided.

This was just too much fun!


After rockin' and rollin', shakin' and bakin' for the good part of the night, the next morning we are up early, meeting our friends for breakfast at a popular hangout in Barra de Navidad named Bananas

The goal for today is to have margaritas on Tenacatita beach, and shrimp quesadillas at La Manzanilla. A full day of beach living planned ahead!


A short pit stop at a tiny beach cove along the way...The simple, quiet life.





And off to Tenacatita for margaritas! Another spectacular beachside view... How can you beat this? Tenacatita is known for its excellent snorkeling, and you can rent gear from the restaurants.


Before leaving the area, we take a short side trip to see the Mexican caimans and the ice cream vendors working side by side. I don't know that I'd be walking that close to the water, myself... But maybe this vendor has a deal worked out with the local 'gators. These beasts are fast and wild and this picture was taken from the safety of our car window. There was no fence in this area to stop them from straying for a meal, and we certainly weren't going to tempt them!

The caiman, a smaller species of crocodiles, populate a large section of southern Mexico, Central and South America


Aaaaahhhhh..... La Manzanilla, not to be confused with El Manzanillo, a much bigger, more populated beach town. It's sweet here with gentle rolling waves and the peace and quiet of nature.


Billy and I stayed here at Aceves with friends several times in years past. We rented rooms with a mini kitchen and bath for about $5USD per night. Now, these same rooms go for $35USD a night! Hmmm.... I wonder if he'd bargain down a bit...The Gringos have discovered La Manzanilla, thus pushing the prices higher. Boutique hotels with panoramic views are further up the surrounding hills.


This - right here - was our single day's goal: The famous shrimp quesadillas in La Manzanilla.

Three shrimp quesadillas served with rice for 60 Pesos a dish, and they are so rich and delicious, that the plate can be shared between two people. That and a bowl of fresh guacamole with chips and a margarita or beer... and the day's complete!

If you have never traveled up the west coast of Mexico before, you may find yourself enchanted for life.


Traveling south down the Pacific coast of Mexico is a must adventure for any traveler. Our style is to go slow and if we like a place, we stay longer, ‘getting local’ as soon as possible. This means we scout out where the neighbors shop, the restaurants they frequent and we make friends along the way with store owners, the maids, and anyone who lives in town. These people know where the best prices and value can be found – it’s certainly not where the tourists shop.

The Adventurer's Guide to the Pacific Coast of Mexico details our route, the places we stayed, prices we paid along this adventure and history and culture of these locations. We also give you names of hotels in each area, the transportation available, useful information and the pros and cons of each place as we viewed it. To learn more, Click here


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Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance, medical tourism and world travel. With the wealth of information they share on their award winning website, they have been helping people achieve their own retirement dreams since 1991. They wrote the popular books, The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement and Your Retirement Dream IS Possible available on their website bookstore or on

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