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House Sitting My Way Around the World

Choosing to house sit as a means to travel the world is not only an imaginative route but a practical one as well. Continue reading

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The Story of Yes

The bungalow was dark. The only sound was Papi’s rasp, breath after breath. Salvatore knew his Father’s time was near, and he was gripped with… Continue reading

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Maya 2012 End-of-the-World Prophesy

One deeply devoted Maya man in Lamanai just outside of Orangewalk, Belize assured us that the world would, indeed, be destroyed by water. Maya texts were indicative of … Continue reading

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Are You a Travel Geek?

Billy and I have been members of LinkedIn for years. Only recently have we taken advantage of the resources available there for travelers, for authors and for other interests we might have. Today I read about a group to join … Continue reading

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My Sister Is a Potted Plant

It was a major personal breakthrough. I’m the oldest of three girls born of the same parents and raised in the same Middle-of-America town. An adventurer by nature, I enjoy new ideas, different flavors, and meeting novel people. If there … Continue reading

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