Do you have an Inner Hooligan busting to get out?

Wearing Hoo-rag gear while fishing

What do kiteboarders, motorcycle riders, marathon runners, skiers, members of a SWAT team and anglers all have in common?

They all Hoo-rag

Protecting themselves from surrounding harsh elements and the sun’s ultraviolet rays, these Hoo-rags are part of their wardrobe.

How to Hoo-rag

Wearing it on your head as a scarf, face covering or bandana is all the protection you need.

Get smart.

Enjoy your passions and your careers but don’t let nature take you down. It’s easy to over-sun or have the wind rob your face of moisture. Cold weather fleece bandanas will shield your face from the snow and tactical bandanas prevent the inhalation of unwanted dust and debris in the field.

The perfect biker bandana, the Hoo-rag keeps dirt and bugs off your face

Headbands work great for marathons and running events, or a yoga or gym workout. With the wick-away-moisture feature, this is one sports headband that stays in place and won’t slip or slide around while you complete your active exercise routine.

The Hoo-rag as a headband

The Hoo-rag can be worn over 10 different ways – From a face mask, a neck gaiter, a headband or as a beanie, your active life can command style.

Protect your arms from the sun

Whether you are hiking, running, hunting, fishing or working, keep your arms protected. Hoo-rag’s Compression Arm Sleeves are made with technical performance grade Polyester Microfiber.

Performance leg sleeves

Their leg sleeves are perfect for runners looking for both a stylish and functional leg sleeve that can decrease recovery time and help your legs feel better while putting in the miles. With over 40 fun patterns to choose from, you’ll easily find some that will work for you.

No age limits!

Enliven your life! No matter what your circumstance, have some FUN!

Kids, Grannies, enlisted military, and athletes all wear the Hoo with pride.

Perfect for businesses on which to place their logos for endless advertising opportunities. Customize your product to suit your needs.

Be a renegade! Let your Inner Hooligan have expression and get in on the fun!

Hoo-rag today!

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