How to best store your jewelry to extend their life

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Many people consider their jewelry as one of their most precious assets. This is because jewelry has intrinsic value (that of the metal or gem itself), and also for its symbolic and emotional value as well. Precisely because of this, many people choose to insure their jewels, or store them in a safe.

Here are some tips that will help you extend the life of your jewelry.

Every woman has a jewelry box. Whether she has purchased this box, had it professionally made, or made it herself, it’s good to have a place to store your jewelry. Unfortunately, the most common thing people do is store them in a hodgepodge, with pendants, earrings, rings and other pieces loose.

This is a mistake.

You may think that it is an insignificant detail, but it is not.

How to recognize gold

Metals and gems have different hardness. When you store them all together without any care, some scratch each other. Your beautiful rings or pendants will appear with scratches and they will lose their splendor. This is because of the friction they suffer each time you open the jewelry box and search, rummaging through them causes them damage.

In this way, the first rule is that you use the jewelry box carefully. Place each ring in its groove, with the earrings in one place, the pendants in another, trying not to make it a chaos of pieces touching each other. The diamond deserves special mention. With a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, the diamond is the hardest gem on earth, and it cuts and scratches everything. Therefore, any jewelry piece with diamonds must be separated from the others. In fact, they must also be separated between themselves, since a diamond will scratch the metal of another piece on which it is mounted.

Take care of your jewelry day to day

Of course, you should not only take care of your jewelry when you store them, but also when wearing them. In some situations, you need a traveling jewelry display case.

The curse of your most favorite pieces of jewelry is that while wearing them, you subject them to conditions that are not the best for something so delicate. Things like:

– Swimming in the sea or swimming pool, and showering with soap and other personal hygiene products.

– Performing manual work, lifting boxes and hard objects on which you might scratch them.

– You might even accidentally spray the jewel when you wear perfume.

All these are examples of very common things that end up spoiling our jewelry. Surely you can think of many more.

It’s not that you need to let your jewelry rule your life. But sometimes, small gestures make a difference. Take off your ring before bathing or before putting on your perfume. This  is especially important if you are wearing a pearl necklace. It doesn’t take extra time or effort, and it will extend the life of your most precious pieces.

Fixing and repairing any jewel is possible

Inevitably, your jewelry will show wear and tear. Especially the ones that you use the most. Or you may have inherited jewelry of great value (even sentimentally to you), and are in poor condition. For example, you might be missing an earring. All these problems have a solution, although sometimes it is inevitable to resort to replication or replacement.

– Silver oxidizes and blackens over time. You can solve this yourself at home very easily. In this article I explain different methods to clean silver.

– Gold loses its shine and over time, it acquires a finish that tones down the dazzles. This will be solved by placing the piece in an ultrasound machine which you can obtain from your trusted jewelry or repair shop.

– Likewise, rhodium plated pieces end up losing that thin layer over the years. A new rhodium bath will leave them looking as new as the first day.

– If you have inherited a piece that you think old fashioned, for example a classic ring in yellow gold, you can simply renew it with a good polish and perhaps with a rhodium plating. The piece will transform into something completely new, keeping all its value.

– Any gem that has fallen out of its setting can easily be reset. Never think of doing it yourself with glue. Instead, take it to a professional to have it set correctly. Of course, keep in mind that if the gem has been notched or broken, it will be inevitable to replace it with a new one.

We hope these suggestions have helped you find the best way to store your jewelry, extending their life.

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