Florida: The destination for the retired

John Liverstone

It’s the home of Disney World, and a whole host of other attractions that make it a firm favorite around the globe.

However, a recent infographic has revealed that Florida also happens to be THE destination for the retired. Or, if we are to take this infographic literally, it’s the place for seniors at least:

Towncare Dental are the company who have put the piece together, and they’ve done it rather shrewdly. Sure, a lot of infographics enter our inbox (with many brushed aside to the recycle bin, we hate to admit), but this one has played with data to a level that really raised our eyebrows.

The team behind the infographic have scoured Census records and found out which states, and then cities, which are more open to the elderly. Florida seems to take most mantles, with the most impressive statistic being that 19.36% of the population are over 65. Sure, this isn’t the highest number (that figure goes to California) but considering the size of Florida it’s quite a headline.

Then, when you start to break down the data into different cities, all starts to become clear. There are some real “old” cities in Florida and if we were to coin one example from the infographic, The Villages has a median age of 66. In terms of percentages, a huge 54% of this city are over 65. Again, if we look at the hard and fast numbers, this isn’t the biggest, as almost 3m over 65s reside in Jersey City.

Take a look at some of the other stats and have a deeper look. For anyone who is nearing the retirement age, this might provide a roadmap as to the city or state you should be heading to next!

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