Fun Games to Help Your Senior Loved One Exercise the Mind

Lori Thomas

We all know about the importance of exercise and what it can do for the body. However, as we age, it is just as important that we take the time to really exercise the mind. If you want to help your senior loved one stretch their mental muscles—there are so many fun ways that you can help. Brain teasers, puzzles and games are all really important for seniors as they age. They help keep the mind sharp and make sure that different areas of the brain that many not normally be activated are getting a bit of a workout.

Ready to have some fun? Here are a few games that are great for all types of seniors and help improve their concentration, memory and thinking skills all while they have a little fun at the same time.


This is a great game for seniors to play on their own or with a friend. This numbers game is popular in puzzle books, magazines and newspapers and there are also plenty of apps that you can download to play on-the-go as well. This game will challenge critical thinking and problem solving skills and come in a variety of levels from easy to difficult—meaning there are puzzles for every type of player.


This game has been around for ages, but it is still as fun as ever. You can still order the original board game version of Boggle or try one of the apps that is available on most tables or smart phone. When the game randomly puts together a grid of different letters, the players have a limited amount of time to find as many words as possible. This is another fun game that seniors can play on their own or with a friend and it challenges their critical thinking and linguistic skills at the same time.


Memory has a great benefit for seniors, for obvious reasons. Many seniors struggle with memory issues as they age and sometimes playing memory-centered games for a few minutes a day can really help! Memory can be played with a card set, on the computer, through an app or you can play verbal memory games whenever you are sitting around the home.

Banana Grams

Looking for a fun and silly game to play with your senior loved one? Check out Bananagrams. You can buy it on Amazon, or wherever games are sold and enjoy a fun silly game that encourages you to make and connect words. Similar to games like Scrabble that can challenge the thinking skills, this word game is all about pushing the linguistic part of the brain. However, the best part is that the winner gets to shout “Bananas!” when they’re done to signify they’ve won.

Lumosity Brain Games

If you log online to, you will find a massive collection of games and puzzles that will tease the brain and help work out the mind muscles. The best part about these games is that they are free, and you can download an app right on your phone or tablet. You can even choose what type of teaser you prefer so your senior can work on areas of the brain they really want to work on whether it is attention, speed and memory, verbal fluency or problem solving.

These games are all fun ways to challenge the mind, so next time your senior loved one is looking for something fun to do give these brain teasers a try and see first-hand how beneficial they can be!

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