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Being a full-time college student is difficult.  You are stressed from all the work you have to do, alongside the struggle to find an internship, maintain a social life, keep your grades up, take care of yourself- the list goes on.  One of the biggest concerns that a college student has is paying off student loans after college.  Receiving higher education is expensive, and many students are unable to balance a job and school at the same time- it’s just too much to handle!  Luckily, there is a way to make money without leaving campus.  It may seem fairly obvious, but the benefits to this can help a college student dramatically decrease their student debt, while keeping their grades up.  How can a student do this?  Find an on-campus job.

What are the Benefits of Working On-campus?

I know what you’re thinking, working and being a student is difficult.  Although this is true, on-campus jobs make the impossible feat possible.  The majority of on-campus jobs have flexible hours, meaning that your boss will look at your class schedule, take into account your study time, and place you in shifts that do not conflict with those times.  This is helpful for college students to ensure that they stay on track with their coursework and do not fall behind.  The flexibility of hours makes it great for college students who need extra money, but also want to have enough time to study.

Another great aspect of working on-campus is that you may be eligible for work study.  This means that the money you earn from working goes directly to your tuition and loans, making payment hassle free!  Even if you do not qualify for work study, you also have the option of having your paychecks go directly to tuition.  If you decide against that, you can get your payment as you would if you were working elsewhere.

If you are hired to work on-campus, you are officially a university employee.  There is a certain prestige to that job title, and many benefits that go alongside it.  It means that a large institution found you and your skills to be useful and helpful to the university.  Any future employer would be impressed that a young college student has worked for a college, regardless of what job you held.  Depending on your university, being an employee means that you have perks that regular students are unable to have.  For example, you could get a specialized parking pass that allows you to gain access to more and better parking spots.  You could also get discounts for campus events, food, and more.

One of the best things about working on-campus is that you are able to gain experience in a field related to your major.  Many professors often look for lab assistants, researchers, or even shadows, to help them with their work.  By finding work in a specific department related to your interests, you can earn money, experience, and prestige at the same time!  Working with a professor is like an extra class – you gain so much knowledge, but you don’t get a grade for it.  It is an extremely rewarding job, in terms of experience.

What On-Campus Jobs Are There?

This all depends on your specific college, and what positions are available at the time, but generally speaking many campuses do have the same jobs.

  1. Resident Advisor: As an RA, your duties consist of making a group of college freshman feel welcome, educate them about dormitory rules, enforce said rules, and partake in conflict management. You can usually get this job in your second year of college.  One of the biggest rewards of being a Resident Advisor is that housing can be discounted, or even free for you.  Usually, room and board are waived for university employees that work in the dormitories.  By living and working on-campus, you save time, earn money, and have time to study.
  2. Tutor: If you excel in a certain subject and meet a GPA requirement, you are eligible to apply as a tutor for your college.  Your job would consist of helping students with whatever academic problems that they need assistance on.  Students who work as a tutor, for instance, giving French Lessons, can also be able to receive course credit for doing so.  Class credits in addition to earning money from work makes for a happy student.
  3. Food Service: On a college campus, there is a large amount of places where people can go to grab a bite, or a drink.  These places are almost always hiring since they can never have too much help.  One of the benefits of working in a food establishment is that you can get discounted and/or free food.  What college student wouldn’t want that?

Of course, there are many other jobs like doing paid survey, online work from home, data entry etc, besides the three listed above that you can find on-campus.  These are the most common jobs that are almost always hiring.  Obtaining an on-campus job is great for college students who need money, and prefer convenience over struggling to fit everything into their schedule.  Since the job is on-campus, you don’t have to commute any further to get to work.  The benefits from being employed by the university are great- discounts, prestige, less tuition to pay, etc.  Finally, working on-campus allows for flexible scheduling, meaning that your employer will make sure you are not being overworked.  They understand that you are a college student, and have classes to study for.  It is possible for students to make money without leaving campus- it’s easy when your job IS on-campus!

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