Car-Free Transportation Options in the U.S.

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We love your site. We have consulted it for countless years. We are not world travelers but we applied many of your principles to retiring in the city of Boston. By controlling what we spend and investing conservatively we are still thriving after 15 years of retirement.

The transportation system in Boston made it easy to go car-free. We now plan to relocate to Colorado where car-free will be much more challenging if not impossible. My question relates to car rentals. Since you do not own a car what do you do for car insurance on a rental? The rental insurance costs seem exorbitant. Any help is greatly appreciated.

All the best to you both,


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Hi Richard,

Thanks for the kind words regarding our website.

We have not rented a car for a few years and agree that the rates are high. First I would try getting a 3 week to a monthly rate….as well as talking with your credit card company to see what they will cover.

What about using Uber or Lyft? or perhaps there is car sharing like Turo in your neighborhood. You could also look on the Carfree website Р(see our Transportation Page) they have information, ideas and links you might find useful.

Not to mention that you might be able to pay a neighbor to take you around to some locations. Lots of times people are looking for a little bit of extra cash.

And of course there is public transport, bicycling, and using a taxi from time to time. Even with the high taxi fee, it is far cheaper than owning a car.

Keep turning over rocks. You might surprise yourself!




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