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Q&A with a Reader

Aloha 🙂

I really enjoy your articles but I’m curious, how do you both define “retired”? 

I mean, I would submit you are spending at least a few hours, maybe more? per day (maybe not every day) on your website and the contents, yeh?

Or is just a few hours on the weekends, in between walks along the beach?

I know I used to say, “I’m going to retire by the time I’m 50″… well, for me, in that sentence, “retire” simply means, I’m going to change my current employer/employee-status.  Meaning: I’ll no longer go into the office I have at the University but I will certainly “produce” something.  I know that I will still want to provide a service of some kind… maybe temp consulting to my current employer, for only a few hours a week… But, for me, there is emotional reward in doing so.  I haven’t been in a “rat-race” or “9-5” scenario that I hear others speaking about so I have zero intention of telling my current boss to go F himself and then ride off in the sunset saying “Thank Gawd I no longer work there…”

Anyway, I’d love to hear your take on your definition of “Retire”

Live the Dream!


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for taking the time to write and express your comments. We appreciate hearing from you!

In regards to defining the word “retirement” let me first just say that in 1991 when we left the working world, there was no real word for what we were doing except to say we were retiring. It’s an odd term for a couple of 38 year olds to assume… It wasn’t until years later that the expression “financially independent” came into play.

We consider ourselves to be financially independent, probably more than anything… We are also retired in that we don’t really work in the conventional sense, and we don’t rely on a steady paycheck to cover the expenses of our lives. We have always been producers of one sort or another. We both loved to work and appreciated the feeling of finishing a project. We enjoyed making money. Neither of us had the sense of hating our jobs or hating our boss or resenting having to show up to work each day.

Since we do get this question about being retired from time to time, I recommend that you read our piece on this topic called Our Money, Our Lives. Also this piece on our blog: Hey Billy and Akaisha, Are You Retired or Not? and one last one, Is It Work or Is It Passion?

From what you have written to us below, it would seem that we are all on the same page.

Another thing that Billy and I like to do with our time is volunteer. Below are a few stories demonstrating some of the volunteer work we have done.

Chapala Massage: A Touching Volunteer Experience

Chapala Tennis Court Construction August 2000

Lights, Tennis, Action!

Thank you again for your interest in us and for taking the time to write. I took a quick look at your website and your approach and subject matter are very inspiring.

Keep in touch.

Best regards,

Akaisha and Billy

Your response is AWESOME! thank you very much.  Honored to be on the same page :- )

Live the Dream!


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