5 Ways to Cook with Coffee

By Carol Trehearn

Quite simply, fresh coffee can make any morning better. Not only does it smell gorgeous as it brews, it’s also great to help get us going and wake us up in the morning with its delicious taste. All over the world, you’ll find chefs, bakers and brewers who are not only just drinking coffee, but incorporating it into their recipes to give their food a little hint of their morning routines. With that in mind, we’ve put together five tasty recipes which use coffee as a main ingredient that you can try in order to get your coffee fix in other ways than simply drinking it out of a mug.

In Sauces

Coffee sauce? You’d be forgiven if you’re wondering whether there actually is such a thing. In fact, there are a number of great sauces which can all incorporate coffee into their ingredients. One of the most common sauces which uses coffee as a spice is a barbecue style sauce which you can use to baste meat before cooking to give it a delicious barbecue taste. To make it, you’ll need a range of ingredients which can be found here. For a rich coffee taste, see coffee by Javafly.

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If you want to cook with coffee, tiramisu is one of the most popular recipes to try. This no-bake, creamy dessert is a favorite from Italy, and definitely incorporates the gorgeous taste of coffee perfectly. To make this classic Italian sweet dish, you’ll need mascarpone cheese, one and a half cups of strong coffee, half a cup of brandy or cognac, 30 savoiardi (Italian ladyfingers) cocoa powder, and bittersweet chocolate. See the full recipe here.

Coffee Dry Rub

Coffee might not be the spice that you usually reach for to season meat, but it can yield surprisingly tasty results. Throwing a little bit of coffee into the dry rub of spices that you normally use for smoked ribs or even barbecued burgers can add a strong, barbecued taste that is delicious.

Coffee Ice Cream

If you enjoy making your own ice cream, coffee is a flavor which you definitely have to try. Whether you like to make ice cream from scratch or have a special ice-cream making machine to do all the hard work, adding some coffee to the mix can provide tasty, refreshing results that are the perfect alternative to a hot cup of coffee on a warm summer’s day. For even more taste options, why not try using flavored coffee such as hazelnut or caramel coffee for the most delicious ice cream ever.

Coffee Cake

Coffee flavored cake is another classic recipe which uses your favorite beverage as a main ingredient. There are many different ways in which you can make coffee cake, with some of the simplest being adding fresh or ground coffee to a regular cake recipe. Coffee and walnut cake is one of the most popular coffee cake recipes to try, and it’s easy to make, even if you’ve not done much baking in the past.

What are your favorite ways to cook or bake with coffee?

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