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I am a 44 year old Australian women who has recently discovered your e-book, newsletter & blog and I have to say it has inspired me. I have started using your spreadsheet and documenting all of our spending. We have no children and love travel so are looking at ways to decrease the time we spend at work and increase our travel.

I was particularly moved by a letter written on your site by Peter a 61 year old (also Australian) wondering why he feels the need to escape the rat race and if other people feel like that too. Peter – I would say most readers of  Billy and Akaisha’s website probably feel the same. I also regularly think about quitting my job, sell everything and just escape the rat race. However I know that one day the money will run out so can’t afford to do this (not yet anyway!!!). My husband & I don’t earn big money and already lead a pretty simple life but I am now looking at ways to simplify more.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Like Peter, I also struggle with why I feel this way – why do I want to just escape it all when others seem very happy to work 5 days a week and just have their 4 weeks annual leave. We are constantly reminded in Australia how we should feel lucky for our 40 hour weeks (however I know few people who work only 40 hours) and our 4 weeks annual leave. BUT – that is not enough for me. As Peter said in his letter I don’t want to wait until some life changing event such as major illness to realize this. I also wonder at times why do I feel this way – is there something wrong with me – why can’t I just be content with my friends, family, nice job, reliable car, and reasonable home??

Peter maybe there is nothing wrong with us – maybe we are the normal ones realizing there is more to life and having a never ending curiosity to see and experience the world. I work as a Social Worker and my husband a nurse – we meet many people who either never make it to retirement or once they reach it, they are too unwell to enjoy it. That is my biggest fear. Peter – just do it. Sounds like you are financially safe and at 61 I think it is more than reasonable to want leave the rat race behind. Convince your wife life is short – get out there & I look forward to meeting you out there in some far flung corner of the world.


Hi Maree,

Thank you for taking the time to write and to let us know how you like our website, book and newsletter. It is wonderful that you are already using the spreadsheet and that it is working for you! Excellent.

I thought your response to Peter was also really good – Not everyone wants to work all their lives and take a 4 week vacation. This might work well if you are raising children and want that sort of stability, but even so, we have seen many traveling families. The children are very flexible, have great self-confidence and speak several languages due to their travels. So there are different ways to live a life.

There is nothing “wrong” with people who want something different. I just think that is life. There have always been travelers – those who brought products from one culture and shared them or sold them to another. Look at the ancient Silk Road or the explorers who wanted to know what was just over that ridge.

Some people want security and sameness and others want variety and challenge, something new. There is no one way to live life.

Welcome aboard! Please feel free to write any time. We’d love to hear from you again, so do keep in touch.



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