Crossing the Street in Saigon, Vietnam

Just walk right into traffic!

Just walk right into traffic!

Did you ever think crossing the street could be an adventure?

In Vietnam it is!

The traffic is so continuous in Saigon that in many locations, if you want to cross the street, you must walk right into the moving cars and motorbikes.

No kidding!

If you want, you can put your arm up high and make a slight chopping motion which notifies vehicles that you are entering the fray and crossing the street. You must not, for any reason, make any sudden moves because this is all an orchestrated chaos. Everyone times their speed and movements according to everyone else. Jerking or dashing would ruin the flow and cause danger to others.

One must also be careful of the city buses and never cross in front of them as they don’t play the “crossing the street game” and you could end up injured or worse. Most cars abide by these unwritten rules, but you must be on alert in case someone doesn’t modify their speed or direction.

For the most part, it is safe to cross the street even with all the bedlam!

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