Do House Sitters Really Guarantee “Peace of Mind?” – A Home Owner’s Perspective

Guest post by Angela “Sittingperfected”  Laws

If you own a home, are new to the house sitting world and have reservations about a stranger living in your place while you are on vacation, read Angela’s post below. 

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It begins with a conversation

Friend in California: Are you really going to let complete strangers look after your home?
Me: Yes.
Friend: Are you mad? (She knows I’m not!)
Me: No, I haven’t met them yet but they’re not strangers, let me explain…

This is a conversation I’ve had on many occasions with family, friends and strangers – You know, the ones who are unfamiliar with the growing phenomenon that is House Sitting. I’m so convinced and passionate about this amazing concept that I need to share my experience with those home owners who are willing to open their minds and homes to the practicalities of engaging their own pet/house sitter.

I promise, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to discover what I’ve known for five wonderful years: House Sitters really DO guarantee peace of mind!

Home Sweet Home

Caring for my beloved pet

In the beginning, my main motivation was finding the very best care for my beloved Springer. Holly was thirteen, had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and never been in kennels. EVER!  I know there are good kennels run by caring professionals, but they’re still kennels and can be very expensive. Also it’s well documented by the Veterinary Profession that pets are much happier, less stressed, feel safer and are more content when they remain in their own homes. And I wanted no less for Holly.

Enter Deborah, a local pet/house sitter.

Once I’d spoken with her, checked references and done my due diligence, I knew she was the right choice. I returned to find a happy, contented Holly and a wonderfully cared-for home.

Time marches on

That was over five years ago and since then, much has changed. My husband John retired and, sadly, our beloved Holly passed away. Now we indulge in our passion for travel even more, and we always engage house sitters. We have a lovely home which needs care, attention and security, so we need to travel with complete peace of mind.

See new places, meet new people

An easy, affordable solution

For a number of reasons I choose NOT to use an agency; I need to have absolute control over my choice of sitter. provides the very best web-based alternative to these expensive agencies. I see absolutely no point in paying for a service that I can do myself. I have MUCH better ways of spending that sort of money, and who knows my needs better than I do? Agency sitters charge a daily rate, daily food allowance and charge according to the number of pets involved. In five years I have never paid a sitter!

During long sits, an agreement is made where sitters are to pay utilities. This is not unusual.

International appeal

My sitters come from around the world. Although some home owners insist on looking locally, for me the distance they travel is never an issue.

Country tranquility can be yours

Last year I had a couple from Australia who “sat” my home in Canada for seven months. It was our longest trip. I hadn’t met them before they arrived, but after copious amounts of communication via email, Skype and lengthy conversations with people who gave them references, I felt I knew them better than my next door neighbours. Our home was immaculate when we left, and – if humanly possible – more so upon our return.

Win-win situation

We’ve engaged many sitters of different ages, both couples and singles. Some we’ve had for a week and others for longer. All are different, but one aspect remains constant. This mutually beneficial arrangement – without exception – is a WIN-WIN situation.

So the next time you travel and worry who’ll give your precious pets the 24 hour TLC, walks, attention and care they’ll miss once you leave, who’ll make sure your home is safe and secure, plants watered, garden tidy, mail taken in, and who’ll keep you informed on a regular basis about all of the above, worry no more! Engage a TrustedHouseSitter and leave home with Complete Peace of Mind.

Home owners and house sitters work together

House Sitter Profiles on TrustedHousesitters provide in-depth information including references, experience, availability, location, photographs and even video introductions.

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