Continuing the Discussion – #1 Biggest Retirement Fear

It’s about time.

Seriously, it’s about time and lessening your medical expense.

There’s a new medical service in town and the #1 largest Expat Community in the world, the city of Chapala, Mexico wants to get in on the ground floor.

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If you live in the U.S., Canada or Europe and are interested in receiving quality, accredited medical care or surgery abroad, at better pricing and for less wait times, you are in luck. Surgery Host is a new health care agency in Mexico providing high quality medical and surgical care at the best medical facilities in the state of Jalisco.

All in one solution

Through a facilitator, the patient can obtain the answers to all of his or her questions from a same source.

Already well established in Puerto Vallarta, this Mexican consortium saw a need in the medical field and is filling it. Surgery Host makes it easy for you to find a doctor, get transport to the hospital, receive follow up care and have any translation issues taken care of all in one location. Bilingual executives at Surgery Host will coordinate all air and ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and medical appointments to make your visit memorable. They are a full service medical and assistance group in a way you have never seen before.

Surgery Host

International professional care

Uninsured? Pre-existing conditions?

If you have no insurance or have been rejected due to pre-existing conditions, why not simply go straight to the source for pricing you can afford?

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With serious medical problem including broken bones, heart issues, cancer treatment, or sports medicine attention, Surgery Host will find you the proper doctors for treatment. If there are any problems or if you have questions, your facilitator is your representative. He or she will also help to eliminate language barriers because they will provide translation when necessary.

The doctors in Surgery Host’s network are highly recognized worldwide, certified and are continuously updating their skills in regards to the latest procedures and techniques. They offer medical attention of the highest quality and with the best human care.

There is no need to let the #1 Biggest Retirement Fear rule your future. You have options. Surgery Host could be one of them. Take advantage of their live chat feature or call them  today at: Toll Free (U.S.A., Canada) 1 88 86 78 06 85


Surgery Host 2

Qualified and accredited

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