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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 3rd decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

The Malecon in Mazatlan, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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We were finishing up a couple of weeks traveling through northwestern Mexico.

First we arrived in Chihuahua to take the El Chepe train through the Copper Canyon. Then we went to El Fuerte, the birthplace of ZORRO! On to Culiacan, and now we are here in a famous tourist spot, MAZATLAN!

Mazatlan malecon in Olas Altas area, Mexico

Palm trees and lights line the malecon in Mazatlan

Many seaside cities and towns have their own malecon: a walkway adjacent to the sea where people can run, bicycle, walk their dogs, and enjoy the ocean view.

Mazatlan is no exception.

The malecon in Mazatlan is 13 miles long beginning in Olas Altas and going north. This seawall is one of the longest seafront walkways in the world!

Metal statue of man and woman on Mazatlan malecon, Mexico

Metal artwork lines the malecon





As you know, we have been visiting Mexico for years now. When we were much younger, we were approached to be the nude models for this statue to be placed on Mazatlan's walkway.

Look at those muscles rippling through Billy's back. Look at my long hair!

Not a care in the world, just retired, arm-in-arm, looking forward to our future!

um... gotcha.

But it's a nice statue even if it's not the two of us, don't you think?

The real Billy and Akaisha

Here we are fer real, and you have to admit, not a lot of difference between that buff couple in the previous photo and these well-seasoned travelers, right?

Arm-in-arm, here's lookin' at YOU!

Free workout area in Olas Altas Malecon, Mexico

Free workout area in Olas Altas Malecon

Speaking of being buff, later on in the evening, we saw some young men working out on this equipment that the city provides.


Pacifico Beer on the beach in Mazatlan, Mexico

Beer on the beach

We are Retire Lifestyle Mentors. Our goal is to help you achieve your retirement dreams.

Pacífico is a Mexican pilsner-style beer.

Here's a little known fact - Pacifico was first brewed in 1900 when three Germans opened a brewery, the Cerveceria del Pacífico in Mazatlán.

Cerveza Pacífico gets its name because the Pacífico brewery is located in this Pacific Ocean port city of Mazatlán.

Concrete malecon in the shape of waves in Mazatlan, Mexico

Concrete malecon in the shape of waves

Billy and I had some meals and happy hour drinks at this restaurant which is covered by the sail-style roofing. We watched the sun set and the ball lights come up.

As amazing as the malecon is in the day, it's fabulous at night.

Man and woman sculpture fountain on Mazatlan's malecon, Mexico

Man and woman sculpture fountain

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When we were much younger, we were approached to be the nude models for this fountain to be placed on Mazatlan's walkway...

Oh wait!

I can't get away with that same story twice, can I?

One of the many fountains on the malecon front in this fine city.

A close up of fountain on Mazatlan Malecon, Mexico

A close up of this fountain

Here's a close up of this same fountain. Notice all the shades of blue in this photo. The sky, the ocean, the inside of the fountain, the lapis-colored mosaic wave/pedestal that the man and woman are standing on, and the aqua pole between them.

We'll just ignore the rude bird on the woman's boob, ok? She shouldn't have to suffer such indignation, right?

Panoramic view of the ocean and Mazatlan's full malecon, Mexico

Panoramic view of the ocean and Mazatlan's full malecon

The tourist guides say that this malecon is the backbone of the city.

It stretches from the original historical section of Mazatlan past the Golden Zone to the end of Cerritos Beach.

Busy Mazatlan beach, Mazatlan

Tourists and locals enjoying the beach





All sorts of people come with their umbrellas, coolers, beach towels and float toys to enjoy the beach.

This has been a classic scene throughout the decades.

Sunset Olas Altas, Mazatlan Mexico

Sunset with the ball lights glowing

As I mentioned, Billy and I watched the sun set from here... and the soft ball lights began to glow once the sun light changed.

These were gentle on the eyes and created an attractive atmosphere. You could see where you were walking, but the lights weren't harsh, nor did they take away from nature's amazing show.

Mazatlan malecon lit up at night. Mexico

The city lights up!

Here you see how the overhead lights continue the whole length of the malecon. I can't imagine what the utility bill is for this!

But it makes for a romantic view, doesn't it?

The buildings are lit up in neon, and some of the lights reflect in the water on the sand.

Meanwhile, the town starts to heat up!

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