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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 3rd decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Latina Shoes

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli


It's a mystery to me how the young ladies of today can walk on the cobblestone streets of Antigua, Panajachel, Chapala, or elsewhere in Central America in the stunning high heeled shoes they wear. It's true of the women in Asia as well.



And it takes a lot of skill not to twist an ankle or fall down off these stilts!

All varieties and colors

All varieties and colors

This lady just came out for a cup of coffee at one of the cafes in Antigua. Accompanied by her husband and mother, she was elegant beyond words in her tangerine pants, gracefully flowing blouse, manicured fingernails and matching lipstick.


Sitting down in one of the high rise stools in the cafe, she didn't even have to climb up to the seat. It was an easy reach to settle in and have a coffee.

Fancy Mary Janes

Fancy Mary Janes

I love these sophisticated and stylish Mary Jane heels. Not nearly so tall as some choices, I could probably manage myself in these and not break my neck.

Perhaps considered to be old fashioned, I prefer to think of them as a classic style.

A floral wedge shoe

A floral wedge shoe

A rise that begins from under the toes and goes back to the heel all in one piece, wedge shoes are still popular in Latin America.

I used to own wedges, but found I walked robotically  in them, not very feminine. Other women seem to be able to pull that look off and appear dainty all the while they are in control of their wobbly ankles.

Snazzy sneakers

Snazzy sneakers

These are great fun and I just love them. No falling off a heel here, I think I could easily breeze through the cobblestone streets and uneven sidewalks with these babies on. They are still stylish, and just as important, these shoes have a sense of humor. Makes me wanna dance.

I wonder what other patterns and colors they came in?

The stilletto

The stilletto

These shoes are weapons for sure.


Not only do they make the wearer's legs look long and slender, it's an authoritative style. They are sexy, classy and beautiful and if a thief messes with you, just take that shoe off and nail 'em.

The patent leather makes me think of a dominatrix or perhaps lady spies carrying computer coding in the heel somewhere and 007 asking how I want my martini.


A Mary Jane Wedge

A Mary Jane Wedge

Here's a Mary Jane with attitude.

With an inch and a half height under the toes, this heel goes full fledged to about six inches under the heel.

No one has to be short anymore, not if you own the right shoes!

Two-toned suede

Two-toned suede

This pair is a feminine remake of the denim jean and cowboy boot colors we see in the western United States. I'm not sure if this was her intent, but it seems to be a friendly and comfortable looking shoe.

I still wonder how these women navigate the cobblestones wearing this footwear!

I'd hate to have to make a run for it. I'd probably just remove them and gallop off!

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About the Authors

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance, medical tourism and world travel. With the wealth of information they share on their award winning website, they have been helping people achieve their own retirement dreams since 1991. They wrote the popular books, The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement and Your Retirement Dream IS Possible available on their website bookstore or on

Retire Early Lifestyle appeals to a different kind of person – the person who prizes their independence, values their time, and who doesn’t want to mindlessly follow the crowd.

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