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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 3rd decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

La Riveria Nayarit

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Currency Exchange

We feel silly.

After living in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico off and on since 1993, you'd have thought we'd know about the tiny beach town of Chacala on Mexico's Pacific Coast... but we didn't!

But once we heard about it, off we went!!

Check out this dream-of-a-place below:

Panoramic shot of Chacala beach

Panoramic shot of Chacala beach

Chacala is a beach town in Mexico's state of Nayarit, some 62 miles (100 km) north of Puerto Vallarta. Local population numbers about 300, and this tiny fishing village can swell to triple that during Christmas, Easter and High Season.

High season is from November through April.

This is the perfect little beach - the kind you would see in a movie, with an unshaven Brad Pitt sipping on a Pacifico under a palapa with his toes in the sand.

The fishermen come into the cove with their catch and deliver it to the restaurant. Fish grilled over an open fire makes its way to Pitt's table and he digs in. The only sound is the pounding of the waves on the shore.

He's waiting for George Clooney or Julia Roberts to show up while he rolls a toothpick around in his mouth.

A few birds screech overhead to pierce the calm.


It's this kind of beach.

Don't tell Hollywood.





Aerial view of this tiny beach town

Aerial view of this tiny beach town

The little bay is ideal for swimming with its gentle waves.

There were plenty of paddle boarders during this calm time. I guess when it's the rainy season, the waves swell and then it's time for the surfers.

Chacala is also a starting point to get to some of the best surf locations in the state. Caleta de Campos, which is much further south, is a local favorite.

You can also enjoy fishing, snorkeling, hikes, horseback riding and more. The area is fabulous for enjoying nature and bird watching.

A funky dusty beach town

A funky dusty beach town

The town itself is dusty and funky with no paved roads, but if you like fish, shrimp, and oysters, you are in the right place!

The building with the green door jamb and the white metal shuttered door is Chac Mool, a favorite restaurant in town. The darker building in the center of the photo is a private rental which offers rooms for rent - information can be had at Chac Mool.

High End Yoga resort - Mar de Jade

High End Yoga resort - Mar de Jade

Though the town is simple and small, at the far end of the beach is an all-inclusive Yoga retreat with rooms going from $300 - $400 USD per night depending on the package you purchase.

Mar de Jade has a swimming pool, hot Jacuzzi, cold plunge, a bar, restaurant, hammocks and beach chairs. Yoga classes and meditations are offered daily.

We thought that what they offered for the price was a little sparse, and maybe they could have included classes on how to eliminate or cope with stress.

You know, "This is your brain on stress. This is your brain while at the sea shore."

A safe harbor for sailors

A safe harbor for sailors

Each day we'd peer out into the cove to see sailing boats anchored. It looks so romantic!

For the most part, the beach is calm during the week and gets busy with families and tourists on the weekends.

Then the place explodes with music, and the smell of fresh seafood on an open fire grill wafts through the air.


Just hoppin' with beach fun!

Surfer shops

Surfer shops

Here you can rent surfboards, boogie boards, paddle boards and kayaks.

The beach is only about a 3 hour drive from Guadalajara and it's a very convenient place for families to get away from the crowded, stress-filled city life.

Kids are laughing, and running around with their colorful floaties, smothered in sunscreen.

The Plaza

The Plaza

Every Mexican town has a Plaza - and this tiny one is Chacala's.

Could it be any simpler?

Walk from the sandy road, through the arches and you are at the beach!

A few vendors have set up their stalls to sell trinkets and clothing.

Typical beach advertising

Typical beach advertising

A brightly painted yellow brick wall with an advertisement.

Pure and simple.

Billy at the beach - He's in his element!

Billy at the beach - He's in his element!

Billy and I watched the sun set here at Chac Mool, a restaurant/bar/cafe with an interesting menu. You could get gourmet coffees, wine by the glass and numerous styles of Margaritas and umbrella drinks here.





WiFi is available at most of the restaurants that line the beach, so if you want to send a photo to friends or family, it's easy!

Dozens of birds fly in formation overhead, the waves continue to slap the shore and your mind drifts away...

View from the fishermen's dock

View from the fishermen's dock

From the place where fishermen dock their boats, you can view the small, pleasant beach area of Chacala.

Fish caught that morning are brought to the restaurants and eaten that same day. Fresh oysters are served on the beach, and every restaurant sells shrimp prepared in various ways.

I have never tasted shrimp so fresh. They simply popped when you bit through them! Crisp and sweet would be a good description.

From our hotel

From our hotel

Here you see the entirety of the cove, with the Yoga Retreat on the left, and the fishermen's boats on the right.

From Chacala there are several other beaches of interest that you may also want to see - Guayabitos, Playa Platanitos, Playa Chila, Boca Naranjo, Playa Chacalilla, and Playa de las Cuevas.

Many of these small beaches can only be accessed by boat. "Tours" run about 800Pesos or $43USD for a trip.

Nearby Chacala there are warm thermal baths at Jamurca, and 1,500 year old petroglyphs in Alta Vista Petroglyph Complex. Taxis are available down at the Plaza if you want to schedule a visit.

If you have never gone to Chacala beach, don't wait 20+ years like we did! Go now!

Fun in the sun, the peaceful lapping of waves on the shore, and birds calling overhead.


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