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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Antigua Jazz Concerts

Antigua, Guatemala

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Antigua is an exciting city to visit. She offers great restaurants, a variety of cafes with freshly roasted coffee beans and French pastry, Historical Colonial ruins, pubs, wine bars, a relaxing Plaza, street food, Maya culture,  photo opportunities everywhere, gourmet ice cream shops, boutique souvenir shops, friendly locals, ancient churches and a happening night life with live music.

On our most recent visit, we were able to attend a series of free jazz concerts just down the street from our hotel.

Setting up the stage and seating at Centro De Formacio de La Cooperacion Espanola

Setting up the stage and seating at Centro De Formacio de La Cooperacion Espanola

The backdrop for the concerts was the ruin of an ancient church and the cobblestone plaza in front of it. Circumscribed by a concrete and plaster fence, the open air venue was perfect.





Colored lights created a compelling scene

Colored lights created a compelling scene

The rotating colored lights kept the background to the bands alive. The shadows over the concrete and volcanic stone building were mesmerizing. Notice the sliver of moon rising at the top of this photo.

Fresh coffee, ice cold water and other small choices for refreshments were available under the tents to the right. Seating held about 300 people.

Waiting in delicious anticipation for the musicians to appear

Waiting in delicious anticipation for the musicians to appear

There was the soft murmur of voices chatting while waiting for the show begin. People were clasping each other on their backs and giving hugs, men had on dashing hats and women were in their gorgeous evening shawls.

The temperature of the air was pleasant with a slight crispness to it and stars were brilliant in the sky.

Truly, it was flawless.

Notice the round instrument in the center of the photo. The saxophonist played this musical device in a variety of ways. In the opening song, he stood on it and rocked back and forth creating the sound of ocean waves. Later on, he worked this circular didgeridoo for amazing auditory effects and beat the tightened skins like a Congo drum. 

The Iberjaz Trio from Spain

The Iberjaz Trio from Spain

Iberjaz had the most creative percussionist I have ever witnessed. He created a whole environment with sound using children’s plastic horns, a little horse that clip-clopped and neighed, a peacock that poked his beak rhythmically on a cymbal. He took a balloon and let the sound out in squeaks and wails, and he rubbed his hand on the outside to create yet another sound. Flinging plastic beads over his cymbals he created sounds of rain, and he also threw about and cast aside tin discs making little crashing sounds.





It was enchanting, whimsical, very well done and I was grinning ear to ear with audial pleasure.

Luca Ciarla Quartet from Italy

Luca Ciarla Quartet from Italy

The second night with standing room only in the audience, a quartet from Italy took the stage. The man working the accordion on the left really wailed on the thing making sounds I had not heard before, and the violinist practically caught fire from working his bow on the strings of his instrument.

The base player's base was unconventional; A praying mantis sort of look. The drummer played his drums with only his hands all night and they were flying. Rarely did he utilize drumsticks.

Both bands received standing ovations from the crowd.

The concerts were free which was a complete bonus. As we walked home, we peeked into restaurants along the way, and many of them also offered live music for the diners.

If you get a chance, Antigua is a captivating city in which to spend some time.

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