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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Puebla Cafe Rentoy

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Currency Exchange

Wandering around the streets of Puebla, we ran into this interesting, kind of funky Cafe Bar named Cafe Rentoy. "Rentoy" is the name of a card game played with an even number of players.

Cafe Rentoy sign, Puebla, Mexico

Talavera tile and wrought iron sign for Cafe Rentoy

As you have already probably read in our previous stories on Puebla, Mexico, this city is known for its tile industry.

The wrought iron in this city is spectacular, a noticeable influence from when the French were here in the late 1800s.

But let's back up a little bit.

Another Plazita in Puebla, Mexico

Another Plazita and fountain in Puebla

As we wandered our way to "who knew where" we came upon  this plazita with the letters of the city's name "Puebla" and this lovely fountain.

One thing about Mexico, is that they have Plazas and plazitas "everythwere." They are nice areas to sit and listen to the water of the fountains burble.

Outdoor seating at Cafe Rentoy, Puebla, Mexico

Cafe Rentoy outside seating





Cafe Rentoy is located at the end of the Calle de los Dulces with Mercado la Victoria at the other end.

Calle de los Dulces is a street where the sweet shops of Puebla are found, some of them are well over 100 year old established family businesses.

Notice the Talavera tile on the corner building on the left.

We are on the edge of the Barrio del Artista, the artist neighborhood.

Outdoor seating at Cafe Rentoy, Puebla, Mexico

Akaisha and Billy seated outdoors, Cafe Rentoy

Behind us is the full view of the building with Talavera tile on the outside. These tiles decorating buildings is very common all throughout the city of Puebla. 

To the left is another shaded walking street with many shops.

Appetizer from Cafe Rentoy,  Puebla, Mexiico

Appetizer at Cafe Rentoy

While enjoying our beer and fruit juice outside in the lovely day, the waiter brought out this appetizer for us to try.

A little cracker with sliced salami, chopped onion, cubed tomato and mango, plus a small kick of a hot pepper.

The mixture was both fun and delicious, and made us more curious about the place and their menu.

Old photo of the building before Cafe Rentoy was there, Puebla, Mexico

Photo of the buildings before Cafe Rentoy

Inside the Cafe was this photo. It showed the buildings before Cafe Rentoy was here.

The sign above the old truck says it's a carpenter shop.

Cafe Rentoy today, Puebla, Mexico

Cafe Rentoy today

These days, the buildings are painted, and there are trees with cement planters and a fountain to the right, outside the photo.

The maroon building is an apartment building now.

Genesis statue, Puebla, Mexico

The Genesis statue by Leonardo Nierman Mendelejis

This statue was created by the artist Leonardo Nierman Mendelejis. He has work in the major cities of Mexico, famous cities abroad, in museums, galleries, public buildings, even the Vatican.

Fountain by Cafe Rentoy, Barrio del Artista, Puebla, Mexico

Akaisha and Billy at the fountain by Cafe Rentoy

In this plazita, Cafe Rentoy is right in front of us. The Genesis statue is on the right of the photo.

You can get a better view of the Talavera tile on this art gallery behind us.

The current owner of Cafe Rentoy, Puebla, Mexico

The young owner of Cafe Rentoy

When we walked into Cafe Rentoy, we met up with the current owner. She took a shine to us and gave us a gift of Talavera pottery.

It is a teapot with a cup and saucer!

Talavera teapot, cup and saucer, Puebla, Mexico

Talavera teapot, cup and saucer

What a thoughtful gift!

Inside Cafe Rentoy, Puebla, Mexico

Inside Cafe Rentoy

If you look on the back wall of this lively lime green interior, you will see the old photo I spoke of earlier.

Underneath the photo is a stage where jazz, Cuban music, Blues and Classic Baroque music like Bach, Vivaldi and Handel are played.

Various beers offered by Cafe Rentoy, Puebla, Mexico

Various beers offered by Cafe Rentoy

The menu at this Cafe is on a large digital TV screen letting you know what it is that this place offers. Not only these beers listed, we saw steak, brochettes, chicken, French fries, baked potatoes and more.

We decided to come back another time for a late lunch, early dinner and check them out.

Apple salad, Cafe Rentoy, Puebla, Mexico

Passable, but not great Apple Salad

As we often do, Billy and I order something and then share the meal.

I ordered an apple salad, thinking Waldorf? An unusual salad dressing? Noticing that there weren't many ingredients listed, I asked for nuts and raisins to be added.

They had no raisins but were happy to add these walnuts.

As you can see, it's a simple salad. These were fresh ingredients, don't get me wrong, but it was nothing memorable.

Chicken with orange sauce, Cafe Rentoy, Puebla, Mexico

Chicken breast with orange sauce

They need a new chef.

Unfortunately, while this dish was fresh and had a mild flavor, the presentation lacked creativity.

Our understanding is that Cafe Rentoy is THE place to have a beer and listen to music, but the food is simply so-so.

It's possible that it was an off-day, so hopefully in the future, they will remedy this situation.

Our Bill,  Cafe Rentoy, Puebla, Mexico

Our bill

Our bill totaled about $12USD plus tip.

Bronze statue at Cafe Rentoy, Puebla, Mexico

Bronze statue at plazita





At this plazita by Cafe Rentoy we have a bronze statue of an artist.

Befitting, as we are on the edge of the Barrio de Artistas.

Cafe Rentoy sign, Puebla, Mexico

Another sign of the Cafe Rentoy

We still would recommend having a coffee or a beer at Cafe Rentoy. Come and listen to their music!

Café Rentoy

 Playing Jazz, Blues Son Cubano, Clasico Barroco

Facebook Page

Tele: 01. 222. 246. 4459

8 Norte #602 Barrio Del Artista, Puebla Mexico

0.3 miles from the Zocalo

Mon-Sat 10 AM–11PM Sun 10 AM–6AM


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